Today’s beat

Some days – well , most days really – thisĀ Turtle needs some motivation in the form of music to get moving as you must be now tired of knowing . Still , there may be someone out there who is finding it a little hard to move and will feel inspired by my trick šŸ˜‰ … More Today’s beat

When We Were Young

What ? No posts on “my music” category since December ? That can’t be right ! I’m sure I shared some music since then but maybe it’s within the “Turtling” posts . Well then , just to wake up this section I’ll let you know that what I’ve been listening to quite frequently for the … More When We Were Young

Hacer Travessuras

Parties are over , people . Time to exercise good sane eating and drinking (water?) . Well , not so fast for This TurtleĀ Ā (you know I am always a bit behind everyone else if you have been reading my little blog ). Christmas went quite well , New Year’s Eve was a blast (yes , … More Hacer Travessuras