Just a very quick note to let you all know that we have not abandoned you .

My otter sister and I have been very very busy trying to keep ourselves afloat amidst some big waves , and all our attention has been focused on not drowning .

That is why we have not been reading you or writing anything here .

We do hope the storm will mellow down in a week or so , and then we will start visiting you again .

It came to our attention when we took a quick peek into our e-mails that some of you have also been going through some turmoils , life changes , sad news and also very happy ones .

We’re sorry we haven’t been able to comment and offer our support or cheers .

To all the new Turtlies who have joined this sleepy blog , thank you for believing there might be something happening here someday πŸ™‚

Turtle Hugs ❀

Ps: we’ll be off line and unable to read your comments all week long .


20 thoughts on “Absence

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