Piano – the way I like it

Almost a month ago , and after reading an inspiring  fellow blogger’s post that I reblogged here , I also shared with you Ripples by Genesis  , that I do hope you enjoyed .

And I have been listening to Genesis – on and off – ever since . It must be on and off because I must vary several times throughout the day in the kind of music I pay attention to .

For instance ,  last Saturday started with my preferred radio station MegaFM which targets to the late teens/early adults population  (yes, my age group obviously 😉 ) , then I had something to work through , so Linkin Park were summoned to help me there , followed by the beloved Genesis to calm down a bit before dinner time . Then because it was Frank Sinatra’s day a bit of good old swing during dinner and up until dawn .

Yesterday was dedicated to family and a birthday ( no music no , not for that one anyways ) , but today I was back to Genesis , which made me remember how I wrote about piano being my favourite musical instrument in my “Strike a Chord ? or Hit the Keys ? ” post .

If you happened to read that one , you will understand what I was talking about when you listen to the amazing  ” Firth of Fifth ” , for me one of their best songs ever (but there are so many more) from their best album .
(note : if you are not familiar with the Genesis music you might want to fast forward for some bits here and there , but the piano returns and also a not to be missed guitar solo by Steve Hackett ) 

This whole album Selling England by The Pound  is for me their absolute best and it has a few more jewels like this one .

Have a great week

Turtle Hugs ❤



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