Just a very quick note to let you all know that we have not abandoned you . My otter sister and I have been very very busy trying to keep ourselves afloat amidst some big waves , and all our attention has been focused on not drowning . That is why we have not been … More Absence

Teenage Minds

The girl spends 10 months of the school year saying she has not enough time to sleep and hating to get up early in the morning to go to the University . I guess I would be very short on sleep too if I constantly went to sleep around 01:00 Am to then get up … More Teenage Minds

When We Were Young

What ? No posts on “my music” category since December ? That can’t be right ! I’m sure I shared some music since then but maybe it’s within the “Turtling” posts . Well then , just to wake up this section I’ll let you know that what I’ve been listening to quite frequently for the … More When We Were Young

Otter on Turtle

Hello ! Otter here , just to let you know that I’ve been trying hard (well as hard as you can expect me to , knowing that I’m all for easy going and playing around 😉  ) to get my dear Turtle Sister back here on TheTurtleWay and do some blogging . Turtle has been sleeping (quite a … More Otter on Turtle