Hacer Travessuras

Parties are over , people . Time to exercise good sane eating and drinking (water?) .

Well , not so fast for This Turtle  (you know I am always a bit behind everyone else if you have been reading my little blog ).

Christmas went quite well , New Year’s Eve was a blast (yes , this little Turtle is finally learning something) , and today I have another steeple chase as it is the One‘s Birthday Party , but I trust I can get through with it.

And if I don’t , well 2 out of 3 ain’t bad . Ah Meatloaf assaulting my brain , now . Do you know the song ?

It’s another one of my favourites 😉

But back to what I was saying , which was that while you are all getting into your New Year Resolutions , and this “start afresh mood” , This Turtle is still going through parties (still to see if I can transform the dreadful prospect of today’s event into a party 😉 ) and indulging into too many not so healthful (for me) munchies and behaviours .

And on the 6th is when the season properly ends , at least on this side of the Atlantic , on my little country , with the Three Wise Men Day . We only take down decorations and the tree on this day , and we eat “King’s Cake” and “broas” . I might write about it , but I will not promise as one of my Goals this year is to not make them (life has this way of interfering and keeping me from fulfilling them 😉  )

But what I wanted to tell you , before going into this rambling party , was that through my awesome New Year’s Eve I have found my way – as in The Turtle Way – to whittle down a bit my plumpness and exercise a bit , without having to go for a run (which I think I might come to like , but my body is not quite ready for it yet 😉  ) or go to a gym (horrors! people sweating next to me ?!  😦  )  and have a little fun at the some time 🙂

And that way is by dancing – yes sure I do dance a bit going around my house doing everyday stuff (especially if there’s no one around to watch me ) – a whole lot more  🙂 as I’ve seen results from just one night of it .

And although this is not the kind of music I listen to , or the rhythm I prefer to dance to , it has been playing a lot on the radio lately and after listening to it (volume high) a few times , there is something about this one that makes me dance (but it could be the title “travessuras = wicked things ? ) happily .

note : this is not the original/official video , as I don’t like that one at all !
maybe this one will give you a laugh and maybe make you dance a bit 🙂


Wishing you all a very good first week

Turtle Hugs  


14 thoughts on “Hacer Travessuras

  1. Dancing is the one exercise I enjoy because it doesn’t seem like exercise! I miss my childhood dancing shoes but I think I’m 20 years too old (and not at all flexible enough!) to be let back in! Maybe this year I’ll find an adult class and get back into it 🙂

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