This Turtle

So who is this Turtle ?

Someone who adopted the slow movement long before it was fashionable. Right from birth , earning her the childhood nickname of The Little Turtle .

She always had way more fun watching others from a little distance . Maybe that is why she became so interested in books  (you are living the story and yet not really there) .

This Turtle likes to read , you might even call her curious. She is in love with words and reads books , magazines , newspapers , packets of cereal or toothpaste , street signs (you get the picture) .

You can’t imagine the thrill when she found out this blog thing where you have a book , a magazine, a travel brochure, a glimpse of how other people live in faraway lands all wrapped up into one.

Music is her other passion . Very rarely will you find The Turtle  not listening or humming to it. Depending on the mood of the moment – which is just about the only thing changing fast on this girl – she will listen to classic, pop, rock, reggae, samba, house, techno, funk, you name it . As long as she likes it she is singing and sometimes even dancing to it.

Best place to be ? Swimming on a beach, which she doesn’t get to enjoy often, because oh the moves one has to go through to get there.

Absolutely hates : dust, but has to live with it because loves her windows open ; dog hair everywhere, but loves her two rescued dogs and an adopted one. And can’t stand the smell of food cooking , doesn’t mind eating it though.

The Turtle wants to learn how to write, how to come out of her shell more often, and how to use her laptop. So she got this crazy idea on her head to dive deep into the blogging world and learn all three at the same time.

This just might be an interesting journey to follow , albeit a very slow moving one.

Welcome to The Turtleway .

Oh! you wanted more details ? But The Turtle is very very shy . Better summon her crazy little sister The Otter to help and let you know that The Turtle is a she , mom of three , going into the second half of her life (or second third if she were really a turtle – they are supposed to live to around 150) , and English is not her first language .

My first post has a little bit more and you may find my previous attempt (told you , I am on a quest for learning) at an About page here.

Enjoy the slow ,  and Turtle Hugs 🙂


67 thoughts on “This Turtle

    1. Thank you so much for visiting this crazy turtle 🙂 careful with the jumps between my moods 😉 and I hope you’ll find some posts you like 🙂
      Loved all I read on your Popping Wheelies 🙂
      Turtle Hugs

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    1. Hi Jacob !
      Thanks for visiting 🙂 and making Turtle one of your 6 😉
      You are now officially a Turtlie it or not 🙂
      I’ll swim by you , shortly
      Turtle Hugs


  1. Love this! Refreshing and fun. I like YOU! My daughter reads everything too! It’s so cute. I taught her to read when she was about 3 and hasn’t stopped reading! I really like your personality. Blogging is so much fun and is a great way to find yourself and friends too! Best wishes in all you do! Koko:)

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    1. Welcome to theturtleway Koko 🙂
      Glad you liked over here , you’ll see there’s a bit craziness and ebbs and flows just like at the sea 😉
      Being able to and liking to read is great :)You gave your daughter one of the best gifts by teaching her to read so young 🙂
      Turtle Hugs

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  2. Hi Little Turtle. I’ll pick up here so we don’t clog up Miriam’s feed. Yes, I lived in Brazil during the summer of ’76 and then visited 30 years later in ’06, with my then 16 year old daughter. I stayed with a fabulous family who took me in and treated me as one of their own. Never met such open, fun-loving, and deeply caring folks. I was an exchange student when I was 17, and that was my intro to Portugues. Talk about “total immersion!” I have written a little bit about my Brazilian family, and will write more. I love the slow approach. You’ll no doubt outlive us all. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for coming over 🙂
      I also have my qualms with clogging other’s comment boxes with side conversations . Brazilians are amazing aren’t they ? glad you had such a great introduction to Portuguese and that you kept good memories (and there’s really no better way to learn a language than in a “total immersion” way 😉 )
      Swimming over to your blog now as I want to read more 🙂
      Turtle Hugs


  3. You have a very fascinating concept to your blog.i also like how your blog is differently set out, really nice and I love your posts, looking forward to reading more! Cheers to new friendship 🙂 – Cezane

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  4. Hello Little Turtle, I’m so pleased to meet you at last. I’ve been meaning to slope over and sneak a peak at your writing because I see your comments on many of the blogs that I value. And then (slow moving you may be but quicker on the draw than me) I find you flattering me by followng my nonsense. I am following you too because on the strength of that introduction I know I have found a place I want to explore more 🙂

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  5. I appreciate shy people coming out of their shell to read and respond to people. I love blogging for some of the same reasons. I am older but not always “wiser.” ha ha! 🙂 I hope we can become closer over time, knowing how we respond and which posts you like or I like will help this getting to know each other and become friends. Smiles, Robin

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  6. Turtle, I love your slow and steady approach to life. Reading, writing, and music are my passions too. I am an editor, an author, and as well as singing I play piano, Celtic Harp and other instruments. I’m going to check out your music!

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      1. We all make little errors on blogs because they’re off-the-cuff, so to speak. I try to proofread and correct my own, but little glitches still sneak into my postings. When you go to a book, it’s a different story. Authors are rated on editorial issues by publishers, agents, even readers in a review. I’ll only sharpen my little red pencil if you ask me to. lol

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      2. And may I ask you to Please Do .
        (that is if you feel like it , and if you read me here and there and if you can spare the time ? I want to write better 🙂 even if I am no writer
        Turtle Hugs 🙂

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  7. Yo. Turtle. Heads up! I’m nominating you for the Room 101 Award. I’ll be posting rules, blah, blah, blah–hope you accept because I’m dying to find out who you would banish to the room! XOXOXO-Cathe

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  8. Thanks for reading my post, “Making Sense of Life.” I’m so glad you liked it. I hope you’ll stop by often and share your comments and viewpoints on my writing, as I shall be doing the same with yours.

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    1. Welcome to TheTurtleWay !
      I do hope you’ll like it around here , but I’m afraid you won’t find much “writing” as I am still learning 😉
      Looking forward to visit you often and learn with you
      Turtle Hugs


  9. I am sorry for dummish question, but I just can’t connect it ; Sooo, YOU are the the turtle in this story? If yes, I’m impressed by how creative you are 🙂
    Or are you just really into turtles? Haven’t seen much of your blog yet but I’m surely about to ^^

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  10. I loved reading this and I would never have known English was not your first language! I’m always amazed and think it often puts native English speakers to shame when I read how fluent and eloquent people are writing something that doesn’t necessarily come naturally to them. Pleased to be following along 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you 🙂
      Hope you will enjoy the ride , and do please correct my English anytime you notice something not quite right and if you have the time and inclination for it . I would really appreciate it .
      Turtle Hugs 🙂

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      1. As long as you don’t mind inviting a teacher to correct your work… But of course I will, though from what I’ve read so far, I’ll not need to. You’ll probably find more mistakes in mine!

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