Back for Good

Thank you Robbie, you did it again , and thank you AussieFaraday who uploaded the video 🙂 This is an oldie , from the time of Take That , but still a nice sing along song and almost everyone (but Robbie) knows the lyrics 😉 Hope you like it With love from Otter

Do You Mind ?

This week I have been shaking my Turtle shell to Do You Mind  by Robbie Williams . I like the rhythm of the song, it is uplifting and it kind of makes me think of a childish song. I have not paid much attention to the lyrics yet. I just like the rhythm of it and it … More Do You Mind ?

Me and My Robbie

I dedicate this one to good music and good dogs 🙂 MY ROBBIE is the singer/lyrics author/entertainer Robbie Williams. I have been singing and dancing to Robbie’s for decades now. I like his songs when I am happy and when I am sad. He has helped me countless times (like he has thousands of fans) and … More Me and My Robbie