When We Were Young

What ?

No posts on “my music” category since December ?

That can’t be right ! I’m sure I shared some music since then but maybe it’s within the “Turtling” posts .

Well then , just to wake up this section I’ll let you know that what I’ve been listening to quite frequently for the past few days (because it’s always on in my preferred radio station) is Adele’s When We Were Young .

This is not a recent song , I was listening to it already as far back as December if I remember correctly , but my radio station suddenly awoke to it and so it’s on all the time .

I do like Adele’s songs (most of them anyway) and her voice even if to me it sounds like she is almost always straining it a bit too much . But then I’m no singer , no voice coach and certainly no music critic.

But this one somehow really speaks to me (sorry dear youngest daughter … I know you can’t stand it anymore because I’m always humming to it πŸ™‚ Β ) . Don’t worry … this too shall pass and soon I’ll be back to my Robbie sessions (oh ! you don’t like those either ? Β πŸ˜‰ Β )

I like the song , the lyrics are beautiful , and no I don’t relate to them and definitely I don’t long to go back to young ( young and dumb ; not that I’m much wiser now , just that my eyes are a bit more open and not exclusively focused on a certain someone = a.k.a. the other elephant in the roomΒ , but we’ll talk about it one of these days ) .

So , for those of you who like Adele and aren’t still tired of this song , sing along with us (me and Adele) πŸ™‚

Did you know that singing out loud (and humming strong too) stimulates your vagus nerve which in turn has a whole lot of benefits for your mind and body ?

And it can be quite a stress reliever too when you feel like screaming left and right . And it sure is quite more pleasant and acceptable to shout out some song (even if you have to put in some , let’s say angrier wordsΒ )Β than go shouting in traffic to the other drivers , or yelling at your poor dog Β (please don’t ever do it , it really hurts them as they cannot understand why you’re angry 😦 Β ) , or your partner or God forbid your kids .

Here’s to my today’s feel better strategy :



Wishing you a good day

Turtle Hugs ❀

23 thoughts on “When We Were Young

  1. Love Adele! πŸ™‚ Great tip about singing when you are angry ha ha 😁 I usually put on some old hard rock song when I am angry. And hum along in a weird way. (I can’t really sing). πŸ˜‰

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