Climbing Up

As I was saying yesterday , this year I took my¬†spring break (well , spring break is when teens go a bit crazy right ? so I feel it may be used here to describe these turtles’s spring breakdowns ūüėČ ¬†) by the horns so to say . And while I still did turn off … More Climbing Up

Nay Days and Lay Days

This one is for my Turtlies who appreciate the waves and the surfers Yesterday while I was having a Nay Day the best surfers from around the world were getting ready for the start of¬†Moche Rip Curl Pro Portugal today¬†in¬†Peniche. But there are no good waves today so they are having what looks like the … More Nay Days and Lay Days

Nay Day Monday

Oh rainy gray Mondays ! Having a¬†Nay Day¬†today , I am ! Surfers have “lay days” when the sea is flat and they just hang around waiting for some wave – even a tiny rolling one would do – to ride. And this¬†Turtle is feeling like that today . It is Monday – never liked … More Nay Day Monday