New Kid in Town or New Bird in Town ?

And IT happened again …

Don’t know if this happens to you on a regular basis , and I surely do hope it does , because :

  • first , it would make me feel not so stranger , “different-er” than everyone else
  • second , it brings with it some nice surprises

So , it went like this :

Yesterday my dear youngest daughter “made me” ( not a real hardship , because as all of you probably know by now I really like the night and someΒ music ) watch the Grammy Awards with her .

So , dear daughter and I cuddled on the sofa with some pillows , blankets , hot water bottles (have I already told you how cold this house is ?) , and popcorn that she made for us and settled in for a night of entertainment . And by night I mean real night Β , like in – 01:00 am to 04:30 am .

It was really nice , appreciating some , “bitching” (we’re just two young girls , after all πŸ˜‰ Β ) over some others , checking all the comments on the various social platforms (she did , not me …) , singing and dancing here and there (you know , hot water bottles don’t stay hot for long and dancing is a very good alternative) , and “educating” each other on our music preferences .

Then a tribute to Glenn Frey came on with Β * “New Kid in Town” , which happens to be one of “my musics” , and I hadn’t listen to in quite a while .Β (* edited to note that the song played on theΒ tributeΒ was “Take it easy” Β ; a small clip of new kid in town was played sometime during the night ; sorry long night old brain ).

Can you believe the girl had never heard anything by The Eagles besides the song Β Hotel California ? I immediately thought …well girl , today I listened to all this rap stuff thing , tomorrow you will be showered in Eagles .


No , not really I didn’t (and I actually do like some rap , but just some , mind you ) but I made a note in my mind to listen in to a bit of Eagles today .

Then today I had to do this and that like we all do , and didn’t get to listen to any music before I sat for my Morning Cuppa ( well after 4pm Β , but that’s how things roll around here ) and when I started reading my first blog of the day I was hitΒ ( yesΒ hit is the word ) byΒ Jodi’s There’s a New Bird in TownΒ Β Β  Β .

Is this a coincidence ? Yes , of course it is , but still … it happens a lot

So , I do hope you did enjoy Jodi’s beautiful pictures of herΒ new bird in townΒ , myΒ new kid in town tunesΒ Β , and that one or two of you can relate to my predicament (?) so I will not feel so alone . πŸ™‚

Turtle Hugs

note : me being me , couldn’t decide which YouTube to insert for the few of you who might not know The Eagles . So , the one above is the best for sound , the one below better for seeing Glenn Frey playing live .




38 thoughts on “New Kid in Town or New Bird in Town ?

  1. All I could think go when the Eagles took the stage and played a beautiful tribute was….how frigin old am I ??? I had been listening to the Eagles since the beginning… ben to concerts…and then there on the stage all these wonderful old musicians playing there broken hearts out for the loss of there friend….OMG where has time gone….and sister…you better be putting on Eagles, and all the other oldies for your little one….LOL tell her is 70’s rap….LOL

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      1. I don’t think we ever see it coming….a few years back I remember looking in the mirror and wondering who the hell was looking back….gray hair, crows feet, sagging skin….kinds surreal…LOL so went back to the box coloring for my hair…helps some, and bought some night time cream to help tone my wrinkles…I am by no means vain but I would like to recognize the wench in the mirror…LOL

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  2. There really are people alive who have never even heard of The Eagles. Geez, do I feel old. πŸ˜€ Sounds like a fun time was certainly had curling up and watching those Grammys!

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  3. What a fun little coincidence! I watched the Grammy’s too, but had the post ready before they came on. Here they were on from 7pm – 11:30pm. Much more reasonable hour! πŸ™‚

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    1. Here across the pond I’m ahead of you by 5 hours , and 8 hours for the West Coast – it’s quite a difference !
      And also I’m not ( yet ? – says the ever hopeful Turtle) a proper blogger like you πŸ˜‰ and I post when I can , very randomly , and don’t usually schedule (if I don’t hit publish immediately after I write them I get cold feet and they never see the light of the day – which would be wiser for some of them , I must say πŸ˜‰ )
      Turtle Hugs

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  4. I admit, I’m not a fan of Glen Frey. But I do like Hotel California and other stuff Don Henley sings (Boys of Summer…)… sometimes.

    But… I cannot tell you how many times I start writing a blog post about something kind of specific and while I’m editing the crap out of it and bouncing around other blogs, I’ll find that someone I follow has just posted on the same topic! It is weird… and sometimes it makes me want to scrap my post. But I don’t… since I was already writing it, I just continue as I would if I never paused to read. But this has happened quite a few times – and it totally freaks me out every time…

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