You Give Me Something

An apple never falls far from the tree

It is 1:30 AM my time , and I went upstairs to get my hot-water bottle .

It is not really cold yet (this must be the strangest winter) but as we do not have central heating the temperature inside the house is now around 57 F , which can get a bit uncomfortable if you are just sitting and reading ย .

My 19-year old has finals coming in next week (she is in her second year of University) and she is preparing for them . She went out to have dinner and coffee with her best friends (everyone is home for Christmas Holidays) and now she is studying into the night . Just a night-owl like me .

But also like me , she has music to keep her company and was listening to

You myย dear Turtlies

give me something,

that makes me scared , alright

but I’m willing to give it a tryย 

I am loving all this blogging world , have found and connected with amazing “yous” , I am constantly learning new things , and being driven to learn more , I have received amazing support from you , but I still get somewhat scared by the thought that I have no idea what I am doing around here .

Yet I am having a lot of fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you and Turtle Hugs โค

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