We are all making Art

In my  MyDailyCuppa  Island post a few days ago I mentioned how TheKitchen’sGarden blog is one of my first reads in the morning , and how it inspires me with its stories and photographs .

And I must share with you the amazing post Miss C. wrote today :


A Creative Live

I truly believe we are all artists. Whether in the arrangement of the pillows on our beds, or our book shelves, or the swinging copper pans, or a meal on a plate, or a garden, or a photograph, or the ring on an old hand or the perfect balance of spices and herbs or a dance in shades of white, a canvas of paint, brooms leaning on a wall or whatever. It is ALL art.

I would really like you to go over and read the whole post , as Miss C. is talking to all of you , whether you consider yourself an artist or not when she says :  Us humble bloggers are artists in our own way too.

I am sure you will like it 🙂


Turtle Hugs ❤

Ps: I chose to link instead of reblogging because I’m still unable to add my text the way I want it to the “reblogs” – sorry , still learning , and you all know by now how slow this Turtle moves . 😉


39 thoughts on “We are all making Art

  1. I believe artists are people who do great work, and great work is anything that makes a connection with somebody, whether its the person making it or someone else, and changes them for the better


    1. Ms. Celi has amazing photography and her love for her animals and the dedication she puts into every thing she does shines through – I believe that was a big factor 🙂
      I am so happy that my “turtlies” liked discovering TheKItchen’sGarden 😀

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  2. What a small world! I just checked out TheKitchenGardens blog to read more. Cecilia’s farm is located just a few hours from my home. Thank you for linking to her blog – it looks lovely and I look forward to following it too. 🙂

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  3. Thanks for sharing such inspiring words by Miss C, I am looking forward to reading the rest of her post as well as more of yours!! 🙂 So nice to have met you at Jackie’s party!! 😉

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      1. Ha that’s funny my Internet has been playing that same game today…just came back up an hour ago!! Just stopped by Miss C’s site, what a wonderful site she has, thank you again for sharing it…I’ve made two new friends today and I love that!! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Oneta 🙂
      Yes , that’s the way I like to do it ; it’s just that I think I should still be able to add my text , and not just one or two phrases to the reblog button 😦
      Turtle Hugs and wishes of a nice Sunday evening


  4. Turtle! What a lovely surprise to find so early in the morning. and as i read the comments I discover that you are living in Lisbon and i was there for a while a while ago. in those days I was using film (I was still holding out against digital) and ALL my negatives were lost in the post. All of them. So every single image I have of that beautiful city and its old town is held in my mind. It will always be special just because of that! Much love and thank you.. c

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    1. Thank you 🙂
      It makes me happy to know that you have beautiful pictures of my country in your mind (to counterbalance the “lack of public toilets” memories 😉 😉 )
      And I can relate , many many years ago we had a wonderful family vacation in upstate New York and I took lots of pictures , but they were somehow damaged at the airport (old days X-rays and stuff) and I lost all of them ; but still very vivid on my mind 🙂
      Turtle Hugs


  5. I love posts about creativity! Thank you for sharing 🙂
    I believe, every person is creative in his own way. Creativeness is spreading by doing daily tasks and never ends. Just we need to be open (eyes and heart) for things that going out of us 🙂

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  6. Have just been on darling Celi’s post for the last time and seen your comment . . . I do hope no one follows you ’cause yours is such a perfect last one! I have been ‘with her’ about a year longer than you – perchance it is almost difficult to explain the ‘fascination’ but I know that besides having a home I kind’of have a second home before I begin work in the morning . . . thank you, and I am glad we have enjoyed this together!! . . . about to go and learn more of ‘The Turtle’ . . .

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    1. Thank you Eha for visiting me ! I’ve “known” you for a looong time through your comments on The Lounge 🙂 You know when I found Cecilia I read her blog backwards to day one 😉 Turtle Hugs 🙂


      1. Oh oh – that sounds ominous – I am so impromptu I have kind’of never thought what the ‘silent majority’ might think about my oft very impulsive comments 🙂 ! OK, thought you were a South African male [time of commenting] instead of a Californian female; so have done some very quick homework myself and am delighted for the day!! Thank you much for your comment . . . daresay we shall meet again . . . don’t know about ‘turtle hugs’ but shall send some of those ordinary boring ones over . . .

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      2. I always liked your comments over there , don’t worry ! Female I am but …I’m in Europe , Lisbon …but you couldn’t possibly figure it out by the time …I’m a bit crazy you see it’s 05in the morning my time 🙂


      3. Hmm . . . this bears investigating . . . I am about to be off but am somehow certain we’ll ‘talk’ again’ . . . >< Lisbon will be just fine 😀 !!!

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    1. Cecilia is an amazing photographer , I think I discovered her blog about three years ago through one of those WordPress “new blogs to watch” or something , and I have been reading her all this time . She always stated that people were welcomed to use her photos , but I believe that everyone just uses them for personal enjoyment and they always ask first anyway 😉
      Glad you enjoyed reading her
      Turtle Hugs 🙂

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