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Welcome to My Daily Cuppa Island , 

Every single day , or almost every single day , the first thing The Turtle does in the morning  ( please see below for The Turtle’s definition of morning ) is to get on her little dinghy boat , or her surf board , or even swim her away around ( it all depends on her energy level and the sea conditions for the day , you see ) and go for an invigorating cup of coffee or two over at Daily Cuppa Island .

note : morning in This Turtle’s Language means whenever she surfaces after her beauty sleep , which can be either around 06:00am (good girl !) , 11:00am or even 02:00pm depending on whether she went to sleep at a reasonable hour – say midnight – or whether she lost herself reading or moving furniture around – it happens , you know – into the wee hours of the morning , or even until  she suddenly hears little birds chirping and the Sun starts shining into her beautiful green eyes . Just so you know , morning is upon rising , and breakfast is always the first meal no matter the hour at which it is enjoyed .

My Daily Cuppa Island  is my first stop and where I awaken my brain for all the possibilities and the beauty of the day ahead of me .

I came to cherish these visits and appreciate how this little pause for reading and looking at beautiful photos and/or artwork have the benefit of putting me in a good mood and ready for tackling whatever the day hurls at me .

In this Island you’ll meet :

Cecilia  (or Miss C. for her friends at her Lounge of Comments) invites us everyday to her Midwest America farm @ TheKitchen’sGarden with stories about her animals (you must meet the famous Sheila the big dear pig ) ; the wholesome food she makes from the vegetables she grows herself , the eggs from her chickens and the milk from her cows ; sprinkled here and there with stories from her life ,  her thoughts on this and that  (and a whole day out alone with her animals gives her plenty of time to think ) , all wrapped around the amazing photos she takes throughout the day while doing her chores .

Her blog is one of the best I have ever seen , and I have been reading her for a couple years now . She has lots (really , lots) of followers and has managed to build a very welcoming and friendly community in her “lounge of comments” – you’ll see what I mean when you pop in there – and she is also a very strong and straightforward woman , passionate about the way she farms , how she treats her animals and the reasons behind it (which you’ll see in her About and throughout her posts) .

I think you’ll like it there 🙂



And then dear Jodi  @ Life in Between writes her very and I mean Very Beautiful Blog from Mars (PA) sharing with us the photos she takes while walking her dog Charlie , who also contributes to the blog writing his very own weekly feature . Jodi claims she is still learning to photograph , but I think she is being too modest .

Jodi you will see , is a Very Beautiful Person enjoying life and her family and friends , and sharing it all with us not only with her writing and her poems , but also inviting us into her kitchen (her yummy brownies keep yelling my name) where she enjoys preparing all kinds of goodies to gift her friends .

Jodi likes parties and planning them and coming up with all these craft ideas for the decoration and the gifts  (you must see what she came up with for a baby shower) . And somehow still finds time to enjoy painting  with watercolors and doing this very cute personalized cards where she uses her drawings and paintings and adds cut papers , or ribbons , buttons or even small twigs .

My daily visit to Jodi  is not only an inspiration , but also a dive into beauty  (and gives me a buffer for those days that sometimes turn out to be a bit lacking in this department) .

Yes , I know .

Jodi @ Life in Between truly belongs in My Artist’s Island  ( still  hasn’t popped out of the ocean that one )  but I really need her right here for My Daily Cuppa .

Wishing you’ll enjoy visiting this very special island .

Turtle Hugs 🙂


16 thoughts on “Blogroll – My Daily Cuppa Island

  1. Oh sweet Izabolinha! What a lovely lovely surprise to come across your blog this evening! I was enchanted reading along and then came upon my name and blog! Wow – what a surprise! Aren’t you the biggest sweetheart! Thank you for your kind words. You made my day! Maybe my week! Big bear hugs sweet little turtle! 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you ! You know you have been bringing sunshine into my mornings for years now , and even if I am one of the “silent” ones , I love reading everyone else at the Lounge 😉
      Turtle Hugs 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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