And so we’re back , from outer space !

We’re back , me and my Otter Sister and we’re crazier than ever 😉 It looks like our brains don’t appreciate being put under anesthesia and especially not when they were given only one month and a half to try to bounce back after the first one . But on the other side this gives … More And so we’re back , from outer space !



Just a very quick note to let you all know that we have not abandoned you . My otter sister and I have been very very busy trying to keep ourselves afloat amidst some big waves , and all our attention has been focused on not drowning . That is why we have not been … More Absence

Teenage Minds

The girl spends 10 months of the school year saying she has not enough time to sleep and hating to get up early in the morning to go to the University . I guess I would be very short on sleep too if I constantly went to sleep around 01:00 Am to then get up … More Teenage Minds

Today’s beat

Some days – well , most days really – this Turtle needs some motivation in the form of music to get moving as you must be now tired of knowing . Still , there may be someone out there who is finding it a little hard to move and will feel inspired by my trick 😉 … More Today’s beat