Is Turtle finally coming up for a swim ?


Hello again dear Turtlies ,

My dear Otter sister has been pestering me to return to this amazing blogging world and so here I am , but I must first mention the big elephant in the room (well , there are two , I’ll get on the other one when I’m feeling a little bit more courageous ) .

I’ve only mentioned briefly here and there my lows and my blues because I didn’t want them to have a lot of presence on this blog  ( that I intended to be a relaxing and happy place for you to visit ) . But I am who I am , and I act and react to life the way I do because I have these lows and the highs too .

It is just a part of me – like the curly hair or the hazel green eyes I was born with , the sensitivity to light and sound , the need for music and the sea – it is something that I have been learning to live with , and it sure has its good side along with the not so funny parts .

So , I do not intend this blog to be about mental health or lack thereof –  specially since I am not an expert or a professional in the field – but I will from time to time mention my lows and the highs (umm…maybe those will be better kept under wraps) as they do affect my life , and maybe , just maybe , some of you reading will feel better about your own struggles with these waves a few of us lucky ones are constantly surfing up and down  (while trying not to fall flat on our faces) .

First big elephant in the room acknowledged . Hello Elephant 🙂

This blog is slowly turning into a Zoo : we have otters , turtles , and elephants so far , and soon to show up there are black dogs and even big black bears 😉

And now , to what has been going on …


See the turtle down there ? Lying on the bottom of the sea , hiding between the grasses and the corals ? In a don’t bother me or with me attitude ? that’s basically what’s been going on around here for the last two months and a half or so , with your Turtle .



Laying low in between sea grasses and corals
Laying low in between sea grasses and corals

Not swimming around , not surfing the good waves ( well , I don’t actually surf yet , but I like to watch the major competitions ) , not listening to music ( this time not even my Robbie got through the fog )  or interacting much with others .

The big black dog ( this time it felt more like a big black giant bear ) landed on my shoulders this year with a revenge and way too early in the Spring . It usually makes a show around the end of April , beginning of May and it gives me little warnings so I can prepare and brace myself .

This very strange spring we’re having this year – and I understand it’s all over , not just here – brought my big D much too early and with no warnings whatsoever . So , from one day to the next I stopped listening or wanting to listen to music ( always a warning sign ) , not wanting to go out or doing anything and sleeping a lot ( and I mean a lot ) . Bang ! just like that .

What’s a turtle to do ? Retire , withdraw , and sleep away the malaise . Remove or ignore all stress , rest a lot , and try very very hard not to switch off completely . Because I’ve learned that if I withdraw for too long or get into a very long spell of sleeping 18 to 20 hours a day my mind turns to mush (never mind the body) and it’s a whole lot more difficult then to climb out of the hole .

And climb out I did .

(to be continued)

note : this is my blog and my life and my choice to use the words lows , blues , hole , big black dog , riding the waves , and some others that I like to use , and not the clinical ones used by professionals .

I do understand and respect the use of the “proper” words to describe mental and health conditions , and the value of calling attention to the proper diagnosis , but keeping with the intended lightness of this blog and considering  I’m not giving any medical advice , just sharing my life and what works for me I prefer to use my turtle words . What I talk about in this turtle blog of mine  are merely strategies for coping with side effects , not treatment of a serious condition .

If you are feeling very low please do consult a professional and pay no attention to what this crazy Turtle says .

Depression is serious and it kills .

Coming back slowly so as not to stress too much 🙂 so the “climbing up” will be up sometime soon 😉


Big Turtle Hugs ❤  ❤  ❤

It surely feels good to be back 🙂  🙂  🙂


29 thoughts on “Is Turtle finally coming up for a swim ?

  1. I am so glad that you decided to post about your highs and lows…everyone has them at some time or the other. I know I have gone through some terrible phase too, and still do have my good days and bad days (that’s what I call it) some days when anxiety and panic attack feels like a part of me. But at all those times, I have realized that talking/writing about it helps me and probably through me, someone else too!
    Hang in there my dear turtle, sending you huge turtle hugs!

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  2. This is a great post. Thank you so much for sharing. It is relevant to my world as well. The surface welcomes you and I admire your strength in sharing. Stay beautiful!

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  3. I’m glad the bear has left your shoulder. Very glad. Now I will tell you something wonderful. The other day, my little dog (The Bean) was terribly busy over by the shed in the front garden. She would NOT some when I called her and was clearly entranced with something. When I eventually went over to scold her I thought she was transfixed by a pebble and picked it up. Not a pebble – a tiny baby turtle. I thought it was dead but by the time I got to the house it was very definitely feistily disagreeing with my prognosis. A swim in a little improvised tupperware tank with a rock to climb out onto and at dusk I released it next to our little lake. The very next day, Otter wrote that you might be considering coming back. I think my little turtle was a sign and he was VERY strong and very lively and I think I want you to feel you can be that bubbly little turtle once more so I share this story to make you smile and help you on your way. A turtle sign and a hug for a turtle from me. And The Bean how forever known as The Turtling Bean

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    1. There is no way I can ever show my thanks in words for such an endearing message . You've touched me deeply . Your Mr Bean is surely a very clever dog please give her a hug from me and thanks (to you both) for rescuing my little cousin 🙂
      Big Turtle Hugs

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  4. Very glad to have you back (but all in your own time) and very brave of you talk about things that are difficult for you. I quite like the idea of a zoo… Although I’m hoping (for your sake) you can keep the black dogs and bears caged so turtle can roam free in safety 🙂

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  5. Oh, I am so happy you’re back. Highs and lows – yes- some of us can really relate to what you are expressing and it is healthy that you can share this with others. Healthy and helpful for everyone.Wishing you sunny, peaceful days and soft music to fill your soul. Hugs for you – tons of hugs- Clare

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  6. Even though I as quite a new follower then, when you sort of went to rest at the bottom of the sea 😉 I am still glad to see you back! I like your blog.
    And I think I understand you almost 100%, I am having a very similar period as you’ve been having, right now. I am thinking of it as… I am a lynx (sort of my spirit animal), who has been wounded in its paw, so it is even more shy than usual, and hides a lot in its forest…
    Welcome back!

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      1. I am glad to hear it. 🙂 Keep hanging in there. I am sure you are doing the very best you can, in your life circumstances. I look forward to keep reading your blog. Take care, be well.

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  7. Welcome back dear, you have been missed. I understand your feelings, take your time and know we are here for you. Be yourself, and write what you feel – the good, the bad, the ugly, whatever it is you want to write and I will read. Hope your day is a happy one my friend. 🙂

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  8. And we want you back to surface. Talking to us land people works better with your head out of the water. On the serious side, dear Turtle, you provide bluebirds to other lives. I always get a lift by reading you. You are entertaining even when your discussing serious stuff. I understand the animal analogies better than medical. You are missed when you’re deep diving.

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