Climbing Up

As I was saying yesterday , this year I took my spring break (well , spring break is when teens go a bit crazy right ? so I feel it may be used here to describe these turtles’s spring breakdowns 😉  ) by the horns so to say .

And while I still did turn off – I believe that we must listen to our bodies and our mind is a part of our bodies at least in my book it is , and indulge their screams for attention being it to slow down , sleep more , or eat better – I did take some measures in order to have an easier and faster time when rebooting  or  climbing up . 

What did I do different this time around to not let my mind go completely mush whilst down in the funk , and not disconnect myself totally from the world and to make it easier to climb out of the hole ?

Got myself reading , all the time I wasn’t sleeping I was reading (or trying to) and so a lot of books strolled before my eyes .

Although on the first days I couldn’t force myself to read for long or pay attention to anything ( me , the one that loves to read couldn’t keep my eyes straight and read one sentence without having to go back and reread it) but I kept on trying and managed to read a little bit more everyday .

(but I’m afraid all the reading did not do much for my ability – or lack thereof – to write , as I see myself battling the same difficulties , namely repeating the same words over and over , and starting almost every other sentence with “and” , so please do correct me and give me pointers whenever and wherever you feel like it . I do appreciate it and thank you 🙂  )

Still , I doubt I remember anything I read the first few days , but that is quite all right I can always read these books again , and the main objective was attained .

And what did I read ? Anything that came my way , and I just kept at it as if going through a bag of chips … munch munch munch … without thinking much about it .

Surely this list might come as a bit strange but these were the books I had access to and they kept me awake and entertained , even if I would have not chosen some of them in a different situation 😉

To start with , one of my nieces got Stieg Larsson’s 3rd book of the Millennium Trilogy for Christmas and was so excited about it that I , who had never paid much attention to all the buzz about his books got interested and she gladly lent me the first two to “initiate” me . Although I didn’t like the first book for the first half of it (but pressed on , I rarely do give up on any book) Lisbeth Salander’s personality started to capture me , and I read the second book of the series in two nights . Then I had to wait for my niece to finish the 3rd one and when she “released” it , I was already in my deep funk . So , The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest” and then the fourth book on the series “The Girl in The Spider’s Web” by David Lagercrantz , were the first ones I read while battling my fuzzy head . That might be why I didn’t like the fourth one so much and not only because it wasn’t actually written by Larsson .


Then I read “After You” by Jojo Moyes because I had read “Me Before You” a few weeks before , and this one that I had high hopes for , was a bit of a let down as sequels tend to be .

Because I was feeling a bit let down by that book and did not have a new one that day , and needed good and interesting reading to keep me “awake” I went to my stack of Daniel Silva’s and reread “The Confessor” and then “The Secret Servant” … ah ! those are good but then I am a bit partial to Daniel Silva you know 🙂


Next “The Nightingale” by Kristin Hannah landed on my hands and let me tell you that is not a book you want to read if you’re not feeling ok … cried buckets with it and the feelings of sadness and despair hang on to me for a few days .

But then my daughter insisted I read “All The Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr … still occupied France during WWII but oh what a difference . That is a beautiful book that I enjoyed a lot and lifted my spirits .


Ken Follet came next as I had never read anything by him and was a bit curious .

Don’t forget that I was on this mission of keeping awake/mildly interested in something but at the same time with not much energy to do anything . Spending whole days reading and not budging much served my purposes . Therefore I indulged in :

Fall of Giants , Winter of The World , Eye of The Needle , The Modigliani Scandal , Paper Money , Triple , The Key to Rebecca , The Man from St.Petersburg , On Wings of Eagles , Lie Down with Lions , Night Over Water , A Dangerous Fortune , A Place Called Fortune , The Third Twin , The Hammer of Eden , Code to Zero , Jackdaws , Hornet Flight , Whiteout .


And I liked most of them , some more so than others . They kept me entertained and I learned some history facts that weren’t very clear for me before . Some of these were pretty big books with 800 pages or more but so captivating that I kept devouring them .


Because I had never read anything by Jeffrey Archer he was next with



“Sons of Fortune” , “A Matter of Honour” , and  “A Prisoner of Birth” . I still have a few of his but I’m getting a bit tired of the genre and probably will put a stop now to this gorging in books , and pay a little more attention to the real stories around me 😉


This should and could be a much better post with links to the books but I’m kind of taking it easy in getting back to blogging ,  especially in the tech stuff  ( you know how it scares me , and even trying something as simple as putting in these small pictures took forever ) , and for now I just want to start writing and connecting with you . Gals and Guys did I miss you 🙂

Also , with the slow internet connection I have if I put in too many links this post would probably never take off .

I know there’s something else I wanted to mention but I can’t remember … seems all the reading wasn’t enough to keep the mush completely away … maybe I should have gotten a bit of fresh air too .

Turtle Hugs ❤

9 thoughts on “Climbing Up

  1. I hear what you are saying. I had trouble like that this weekend. I could not settle to anything at all. I didn’t want to read and whenever I started a program I was almost immediately blah with it and changed to something else.
    Weird how it happens sometimes, almost like my interest in all things has waned and I cannot be bothered.

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    1. And then the question : should we just give in and give it a rest … or should we keep on fighting and try different things until something picks our interest and gets us going ??? Are we being just lazy and weak by giving in and stopping ? or is it really what our minds/bodies really need ? and we’re quite the clever ones by stopping ? but then , when to start and go again ? inertia is quite strong 😉
      So good to feel people understand and relate 🙂 Thank you Cameron for commenting
      Turtle Hugs

      Liked by 1 person

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