Me and My Robbie

I dedicate this one to good music and good dogs 🙂

MY ROBBIE is the singer/lyrics author/entertainer Robbie Williams.

I have been singing and dancing to Robbie’s for decades now. I like his songs when I am happy and when I am sad.

He has helped me countless times (like he has thousands of fans) and he will never know about me.

Some of his songs are in my “comfort package” just like some well read books that I always return to when I need to go for a while into my shell . And they always manage to ground me and at the same time lift my spirit.

For this I will always be thankful and in debt to the artist, and a bit “in love” with the man behind (regardless of the antics he sometimes pulls off , he has given so much and pulled through some rough stuff , that I feel he is entitled to live his life anyway he likes).

I have been thinking about publishing a weekly “my music” feature for some time now and it is time to stop playing with ideas and move to action. I still need to find out how to do this the way I imagined but for now it will just be like so and I will start with Robbie Williams.

As I do like dogs a lot (I have 3 rescued ones myself) and I do appreciate people who do like dogs too, my heart this week goes out to My Robbie who lost his long time friend and companion Spencer on Monday. I feel for him as I still miss and long for my own 10-year old great dog Redondo who went to dog heaven a while ago.

And with all the talk this week about the Moon and Stars and Mars, somehow this beautiful Robbie Williams’ song Morning Sun came into my mind. Hope you like it 🙂

To Rising Morning Suns and our willingness to appreciate them

Turtle Hugs

Edited on Oct.02 : I am sorry but I just realized that I will have to remove my dog Redondo from this post ( I will make a new one for him on his birthday Oct.04, though) as it has just came to my attention –  and somehow I had totally forgot this about him – that he absolutely hated Robbie Williams 😉 Every time I put on one of his songs , my dog would give me the look, sigh heavily (and did he sigh heavily…he was a huge dog), and leave the room . This was a very special dog for sure. 🙂

More Turtle Hugs

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