Otter on Turtle


Hello !

Otter here , just to let you know that I’ve been trying hard (well as hard as you can expect me to , knowing that I’m all for easy going and playing around 😉  ) to get my dear Turtle Sister back here on TheTurtleWay and do some blogging .

Turtle has been sleeping (quite a bit) , reading (tons) , thinking (the girl thinks too much for her own good , and I keep telling her that  just thinking and not actually acting takes you nowhere) , got through a milestone (but that’s for her to share if she wants to) and even managed to take a little side trip to celebrate the “not to be mentioned milestone” .

Meanwhile our dear old laptop is coming apart and trying to call it quits , and Turtle is dreading to transfer her blogging to a not so young desktop (that doesn’t even support Google Chrome ! she says ) and where everything looks and feels so different  to her ( and you all know by now just how “tech-inept” the girl is , and fearful of messing up with computers ) .

So , as you can see I’m in for a few day’s work in getting the girl back on the saddle , take the rust out of her typing fingers , and convince her that no she does not need to read everyone else’s last 3 months worth of posts to get up to date before writing her very first one .

Wish me luck in getting the girl up to the sea surface and swimming around 🙂

The Otter Sister



27 thoughts on “Otter on Turtle

      1. Here we’re being showered with all the rain and cold that didn’t show up in winter , but it’s supposed to clear soon and then we’ll go up but not quite as hot as over there 😉

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  1. It is GREAT to hear from you! I hope you are doing well and we hear more from you soon. Oh, and you DO have to read all of my posts. 😀 I’m KIDDING! 3 months of me posting at least once a day? That would be crazy! Glad you passed a milestone AND celebrated it, no matter what it is. Many hugs… ♥

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      1. You’re silly — you don’t have to read them all! Last month I did the a-to-z challenge… that’s 26 posts right there… not including all the fiction and weekly perks! Really glad to see you back! 🙂 ♥

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