Am I really Epically Awesome ?

Warning : there is this strange word that will pop up dozens of times throughout this post !

I am Awesome , Awesome, Awesome ! Or maybe not !

On November the 30th , and so that I would start the month of December in a good mood , dear Sandra surprised me with the Epically Awesome Award , and my reaction is here .

Maybe because I was still not very sure of anything awesome about me or my blog (obviously I do not think I am anything like twice-awesome , right ?)  BeingMePresently lovingly gifted me (I am taking it as a gift 😉  ) with my second one .

And here it is in its whole Epic Awesomeness




So , now I am supposed to tell you why I/my blog are Awesome which is a somewhat difficult exercise for me and forced me to think  – which is hard work , and considering that our brain uses up to 20% of our daily caloric intake , and I need those calories to further cushion my “already well padded body”  from the Winter coldness , I will just have to eat some more chocolate thank you very much , and see if I can do this epically difficult task

1 – I know you are Awesome , tell us why

It might be (notice the conditional) Awesome that after 50 years of trying to keep myself safe from the world out there (where sounds are too loud , smells too strong, clothes lotions and potions irritate my skin, emotions come on too strong ) and trying to live in a cocoon I’ve enveloped myself in , I have finally come to the conclusion that this is not living at all.

And it is with Some Awe that I find I can handle a little discomfort after all , and that there is an Awesome lot of people out there – you – welcoming me .
Will I grow Awesome if I am surrounded by Awesomeness ? I believe I will . This blog may not be awesome yet , but it surely is becoming an  “awesome escape vehicle”  😉

2 – You are my friends  and tell us about others

Since I started this blogging adventure four months ago I have had the pleasure of “meeting” lots of lovely people who inspire me and encourage me to keep on and that I like to consider my blogging friends.

Because I have this terrible inability to nominate people (and I have several award nominations acceptance posts waiting just because of this 😦 – yes this ailment is that serious you see ) I will just tell you that my most recent friends are right there on the right hand side in my Blog’s Ocean , and all of them are Epically Awesome.

3 – Be creative. It’s alright if you can’t be

Although I come from a creative family with painters, sculptors and “brains” on one side and musicians (piano and violin players) , and again sculptors on the other side ,  it looks like the creativity did not reach my parents’ generation or jumped into mine . I don’t see myself as really creative , although I like to play with color and yarn like I mentioned before , and I did love to draw houses many moons ago and dreamed with architecture (funny , forgot to mention this in my ballerina/astronaut post) .

Is it possible my creativity has been safely hiding under wraps and have I been too afraid to unleash the beast ?

4 – I give no questions to be fully answered but let yourself go here. Thank you

     Did let myself go on 1. and 3. don’t you think so ?

Thank you , thank you so much dear Being Me Presently for this gift

Turtle Hugs



4 thoughts on “Am I really Epically Awesome ?

    1. Wow Catherine ! Now you have left me with no words 😉
      And you are right “epically” was not a word , it is now with this award 😀
      (Teach me teach me please : epic is not a verb so epically does not “exist” right ? )
      I guess we are well in our way to make a bloggers’ dictionary because we are always coming up with new words 🙂 🙂
      Big Turtle Hugs


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