Six Word Story – Memory

Today’s prompt is:



For some weeks now , I have been challenging myself with these Six Word Story prompts by Nicola at Sometimes Stellar Storyteller.

And it has been a real challenge for me but a great learning opportunity , as I have some (not , it’s more a lot ) difficulty in paring down my words and still make sense of what I want to express .

The way I have been doing this is by reading the prompt as soon as Nicola puts it out on Saturday mornings , roll the word around in my tongue (literally) , and then just get on with my day.

Sometime later in the day or the next one , a thought related to the word pops up in my distracted brain (which obviously was not so distracted after all) and a little story starts developing.

Before this little story runs amok and starts twisting and tangling itself , I try my best to express it in the little six words required for the challenge and send it in. Then I can let my brain play with it for the rest of the week if it so pleases 😉

As I do like to peek in during the week to read the other submissions and “like” them , this way my story is not influenced by the others’ submissions .

But as all plans tend to , mine got a bit derailed this week while this and that got in the way. So Friday morning arrived (ups! it’s Friday! already ?) and I had to go to Nicola’s to look up the word again (as it somehow had not registered itself in this turtle brain) .

When I read memory buumm …Barbra Streisand starts singing Memories in my brain

As much as I might like Barbra , this did not help me at all and neither did reading all the other entries , which were all sending me in the same direction for my story.

That’s when I thought …I need a reboot of the system , so to speak .

Reboot , system , computers , memory capacity …and my story was born . And now you are privy to how a Crazy Turtle Brain works.

Before you send me the guys with those special jackets hop over to Sometimes Stellar Storyteller to read everyone’s Six Word Stories and maybe contribute with your own 🙂

Turtle Hugs


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