Why do I Write?

We were asked to answer this question at our very first day in Blogging University Writing 101 .

Well, I do believe that I am still “attempting” to write. But I like it, I really like it.

I have been writing journals on and off throughout my whole life. But I wrote them just for myself , to let out a bit of steam so to say, and I wrote them in my language which is Portuguese. I did not have to worry about the wording and grammar and all that because no one would ever read them and as I was writing in my own language, thoughts just flowed into the page with no stopping for corrections or editing.

And I always liked to read and always thought that you can learn so much by doing so. Even if you are “just” reading a novel you can learn a lot about people,places,ways of living, maybe even have a little breather if you are in a difficult situation. But for you to read, someone has to write it, and I always had this admiration for the authors who could build up a story , and wrap us in it ,and make our minds travel.

And for some time I entertained this idea that I would like to be a writer ( a long time ago ) , just like you dream that one day you will live on your own island, or that you will be a prima ballerina – without knowing more than 4 or 5 ballet basic steps – you know that kind of dream that we usually grow out of?

Fast forward some years and people are writing blogs, good entertaining blogs, blogs that you read like a book of short stories, or blogs that take you travelling around the world , or that teach you crafts that you never dreamed you could learn on your own. And who are these bloggers ? They are writers, they are writing about their experiences, they are sharing stories, they are educating us.

And I want to be one of them , I want to share , I want to be out there instead of hiding in my shell and writing my journals that don’t help anyone (besides me). Maybe someone will be helped or inspired by reading my stories, or amused or learn what absolutely not to do in a similar situation.

Do I know how to write ? absolutely not.

Do I like to write? just write? put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and just let it flow? Yes I do.

Will that make me a writer ? Probably not, but while I am doing it and learning more about it I will have a lot of fun.

Not sure though if anyone will have fun reading me 😉 But we were asked why did we write, not why did people read us right? 😉

And so I will write, and love it 🙂


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