Between waves and no waves, wind rain and some sun

In Moche Rip Curl Portugal in Peniche , some of the world’s top surfers have been giving their best to take advantage of the tricky weather conditions of the last few days. If you like watching surf like this Turtle does or you want to know what is happening this side of the Atlantic Here you can find … More Between waves and no waves, wind rain and some sun

Back for Good

Thank you Robbie, you did it again , and thank you AussieFaraday who uploaded the video 🙂 This is an oldie , from the time of Take That , but still a nice sing along song and almost everyone (but Robbie) knows the lyrics 😉 Hope you like it With love from Otter

Nay Day Monday

Oh rainy gray Mondays ! Having a Nay Day today , I am ! Surfers have “lay days” when the sea is flat and they just hang around waiting for some wave – even a tiny rolling one would do – to ride. And this Turtle is feeling like that today . It is Monday – never liked … More Nay Day Monday