And the Turtle does it again

Ah! This clever Turtle set herself up for trouble again.

After not having been able (please someone kindly correct this English 😉 ) to finish all the assignments on August Blogging 101 Course , this Turtle thought it would be a great idea to repeat it in September but also add Writing 101 to the mix.

Forgetting September is usually a chaotic month (this Turtle comes with a built-in mental sanity device where by default she tends to forget everything that is – let’s say – less pleasant? ) , and that a family crisis was simmering and just waiting for the perfect moment to boil over, she very happily signed up for both courses.

Can you see by the structure of the above paragraph that she absolutely needs to learn how to write if she wants to blog?

So, with the help of anyone who reads me (and I have followers …incredible right? But Yeah! thank you all so much) I will be able to pursue this crazy dream of mine.

And that’s it for now for the I’m still here post. Have to go and do Day 1 of Blogging University 🙂

PS: If anyone has a suggestion for not getting “stuck/hooked/addicted” whatever you want to classify this tendency of mine of reading through “Commons” and visiting everyone’s blogs when I should be really working on my own please send it to me as I desperately need it XD

Thank you and Turtle Hugs


6 thoughts on “And the Turtle does it again

  1. I like the way you’ve worded that sentence but if you are after an alternative guess I might have said ‘Despite being unable to finish all of the 101 assignments I still thought it would be a great idea to take up the next challenge………’


  2. Your post is great! Take it easy and take it at your own pace! These courses are available throughout the year, so you can take them over and over again! 🙂
    About not getting hooked, I can relate to that, what I do is to usually have a draft of my post ready before I head over to check out other blogs. That way even if I get lost in them, I can still find the time to finish up what is in the draft and post!
    Good luck with Blogging 101 and Writing 101

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  3. Keep doing what you’re doing! Your English and sentence structures are great for a non-native speaker and the more you practice the better you’re going to get! Don’t worry about doing it all every day, just do the best you can.
    I can see how reading through the “commons” would be addicting as a non-native English speaker and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I think it will help you improve yourself. Just remember to come back here and keep at it!


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