What is this Turtle doing today ?

She is taking the day off , oh yes she is .

And she is watching Big Waves Surfing live on Red Bull Tv.

Thanks to tomadaonline and his yesterday post , where he talked about going and seeing the conditions for today’s Big Wave Surf Contest , this Turtle is watching live from Half Moon Bay California the best of the best in big wave surfing .

So that is where Turtle is , glued to her screen and watching – and almost feeling the spray on her face , that’s how good the live stream is – The Titans of Maverick .

Go take a look to see what I’m talking about . Those are no waves for little Turtles , only for the best prepared of the best surfers out there .

The flog cleared , the wind is changing , and the waves are picking up .

Turtle Hugs 🙂






11 thoughts on “What is this Turtle doing today ?

    1. Hey lucky you ! Travis did a very good job , those are very special waves . And the filming crew was amazing , I loved it . Thank you again for the link 🙂
      Turtle Hugs


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