Happy Thanksgiving dear bloggers

My wishes of a beautiful happy Thanksgiving Day to all of you who celebrate this day.

May your day be merry .

Enjoy your family and friends , the food and drink , and the memories you are creating for you and yours.

To all of us who do not celebrate Thanksgiving lets enjoy it through the eyes of our fellow ThanksgivingBloggers and take a break during our busy busy day to also say thanks .

I will surely be raising a glass of very good red wine tonight , and say thanks for the wonderful people I have had the chance to “meet” here .

As for the turkey , we usually have it for Christmas Eve Supper , which is perfect because it gives us a whole month to go through your recipes and photos , and then decide we’ll just do it like we do every year 😉

Happy Turtle Hugs 🙂
(wish I could put a little “turkey smiley” here)

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