Victory – my small one and umm…not exactly a photo

Responding to Victory – Photo Challenge , my own way .


A week ago today I was celebrating with you my 100th day of blogging  – well not exactly that , because I did not actually blog a lot of the days – but the 100th day of existence of  The Turtleway .

And on that very same day thanks to you my dear Turtlies  I reached 100 followers



WordPress sent me their message of congratulations for reaching this beautifully round number , and I thanked dear Nena @ Younfolded for being the 100th friendly Turtlie .

All good , I’m the happiest Turtle on the planet , I do have a blog up and running – yes I know “running” might not be the best word , but it is how you say it , not my invention – and dear people are reading me and even following . Isn’t that Amazing ?


A couple days later I noticed that another message from WordPress had come on the same day and somehow I had not seen it yet  (no, I was not partying with bubbly 😉 at the time )

You liked my posts 500  times !

Thank you so so much 🙂



So this is my Victory !

I had absolute no idea what I was doing when I started this in August , and most of the time I still don’t . But I did persevere , I learned , I did not give up when everything seemed to go against “my crazy idea of writing a blog” .

Everyday I learn something from great bloggers , writers , photographers , people trying to help others and make this a better World for everyone.

So thank you all , for welcoming me in and cheering me on and teaching me so much.

My  Victory  is yours too . 

Turtle Hugs 🙂

Daily Photo Prompt – Victory , revelling in a win


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