Oh no! It’s raining again!

This Saturday we are having a bit of rain and wind, as an aftermath of the dissipation of “Joaquin” :

Joaquin approaching EuropeSo I am planning on staying in, catch up on my reading – blogs what else ? – and drink buckets of tea.

And remembered  Supertramp with their It’s Raining again which I always do whenever I catch myself thinking : oh no it’s raining again. You see I really don’t like rain at all 😉

Another thing I don’t like at all is that the videos change the way I think about the songs . When I listen to a song I paint this picture on my mind , or have an association with the time I was listening to it, and then if I watch the video, it just doesn’t match.

Do you have the same feeling? And if you do, can you tell me how can I post the music without the video ?

Thank you My Turtlies and rain or not have a Very Good Saturday

Turtle Hugs

8 thoughts on “Oh no! It’s raining again!

    1. Thank you Debbie , it is actually very mild around here, just a bit of rain and some wind , nothing like you have in the United States. Usually these storms and hurricanes after doing all the bad on your side, loose most of the strength they might still have while crossing the Atlantic and give us just a bit more rain or wind than we are used to , which is very lucky for us as we are not at all prepared for big storms over here.
      Turtle Hugs 🙂

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