Who I am and why I’m here

This is our very first assignment on September’s Blogging 101 : Introduce Yourself to the World

Well, I am definitely a Turtle and I like to take it slow. I  like to take my time to do things , observe, analyze, digest before I commit myself. From time to time I like to come out of my shell and be a little more careless and playful (that is when my otter of a sister makes her appearance).

I am trying to find a balance between my Turtle and Otter personalities, without becoming just like everyone else rushing rushing rushing through their lives.

And I am falling in love with this world of blogging, and realizing that I might be able to express myself , without having to leave the safe harbor of my shell, because I really like it (my shell is very comfortable, and I’m all about comfort).

So, I think I am here to learn how I can safely leave my shell from time to time, grow a little bit wiser and stronger and maybe one day I will be able to help others the way you, my readers and fellow bloggers are helping me 🙂

Looking forward to waves of learning and growing up

Turtle Hugs


11 thoughts on “Who I am and why I’m here

    1. Thank you Onetta 🙂
      Still alive and kicking (barely), been away helping family, very strange and challenging two weeks I had, but an awesome oportunity to grow and learn, and I thank God for it, slowly coming back …
      Turtle Hugs

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  1. Turtle, you may be slow but you add zest to my life. I like your creative imagination. Haven’t seen otter for a while. Call her in and see what she is up to. I’d like to know. Thanks for liking my Learning Ladder.

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  2. I just realized I’m a bit of a turtle-in that I’m a slow mover, too. I like the thought. My husband and daughter make fun of me for it, but it makes me want to go slower!


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