About the Turtle Way

To all the Beautiful People

Ok now I have the Beatles  (Eleanor Rigby song) singing in my head : “look at all the beautiful  people, where did they all come from?”

That I know , you came in from Blogging101!

Expecting to find what this blog is about , and who is behind it.

No such luck I’m afraid.

I’m having a grand time travelling through all your blogs and reading all your amazing and inspiring “About Pages” .

Mine will just have to wait.

But now at least you know that I LOVE to read and I like music and am almost always singing to myself in my head.

Don’t know how to write , being that one of the reasons I started this blog. If I am writing for others to read  and not for me , well  I’d better learn how to do it right?

Thank you all

Would have loved to insert a clip to the music but that is still too advanced for me. 🙂

Or maybe not, with your help (oh no, another one popping in!)


17 thoughts on “About the Turtle Way

  1. You are now blogging beautifully! Meeting you is great fun for me! Turtles are wonderful! I’m more like a chameleon: blend in, move slow and carefully, but I can be fast if I must. 😉 I look forward to reading more :0)

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    1. Thank you 🙂 your lovely comment just made my day as I was here doubting myself … shouldn’t I be blogging better by now ? shouldn’t I be blogging less sporadically ? 🙂
      Your chameleon looks a lot like a turtle so I guess we’re not much different 🙂
      Turtle Hugs

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  2. Hi, we keep bumping into each other on Spear Fruit’s blog. Firstly, your writing and English is excellent for some who is not a native speaker. I speak smatterings of Spanish, French and Arabic but it is really bad! Your messages for Spear are so sensitive and sweet.

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  3. @izabolinha I would like to nominate Celia’s blog The Turtle Way – as everyone rushes by I savour my way one slow step at a time for the Blogger Recognition Award. I have just become one of your Turtlies and am enjoying reading your posts from your Turtle and Otter self’s! Am just about to dive into your My Music. In July I was so very lucky to see a real turtle whilst diving in Fiji. What a wonderful creature, and very fast at swimming! https://samanthaw34.wordpress.com/2015/10/05/8-expanding-comments/

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    1. Thank you! Welcome to The Turtle Way! I must warn you that I am way behind in accepting my awards nominations , I love them and am honored by them but I am lazy very lazy to go through all the acceptance and nomination that ensues 😉
      Would LOVE to see a real Turtle , and yes I swim quite fast too 🙂
      Big Turtle Hugs

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