About The Turtle

The Turtle  adopted the slow movement long before it was fashionable. Right from birth earning her the childhood nickname of  Little Turtle .

And always had way more fun watching others from a little distance (thus the interest for reading, you are living the story and yet not really there) .

This Turtle likes to read. Everything : books, magazines, and now blogs …oh the blogs they are like a book, a magazine, a travel brochure, a glimpse of how other people live in faraway lands all wrapped in one beautiful bow.

And music? Ah the music gets her going anytime. Depending on the mood of the moment – which  is the only thing changing fast on this girl – she will listen to classic, pop, rock, reggae, samba, house, techno, funk, you name it, as long as she likes it she is singing and sometimes even dancing to it.

Best place to be? Swimming on a beach, which she doesn’t get to enjoy often, because oh the moves one has to go through to get there.

Absolutely hates : dust, but has to live with it because loves her windows open. Dog hair everywhere, but loves her two rescued dogs and an adopted one. And can’t stand the smell of food cooking , doesn’t mind eating it though.

The Turtle wants to learn how to write, how to come out of her shell more often, and how to use her laptop. And so got this mad idea on her head to start blogging and learn all three at the same time.

So here is The Turtle st…art…ing .


Come and talk to me , will you ?

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