Thanks Dear Turtlies

Thank you so much Dear Dear Turtlies ,

For being here ,

for having patiently waited for my resurface ,

for making me feel so welcomed back ,

for making me believe that maybe , just maybe I might be able to put two words together and share some of my stories ,

for letting me know that you might even be able to relate to some of them and thus feel understood by someone who’s been going through the same .

And now , if I had kept playing with the monkey (PicMonkey that is) and had just a little more perseverance in learning cool tech stuff I would be able to put here a real nice picture or drawing or something with a big beautiful

                               THANK YOU !

But it didn’t happen !

And in my “soon -I hope- to be” old ways I would first go and try to do something close to my idea and spend days or weeks trying to make it look just perfect (to me , anyways) before doing anything and my thank yous would be severely delayed .

And that just can’t be , as you are all so awesome and all that 🙂


And to all of you  Dear New Turtlies  who were courageous enough to join the adventures of an absent and sleeping Turtle please feel welcome . I’m looking forward to come swimming by your beautiful blogs throughout the next few days (or weeks 😉 ) , I’ll go leisurely and slowly so I can enjoy each and everyone

Turtle Hugs ❤  



24 thoughts on “Thanks Dear Turtlies

  1. I feel happy to welcome back such a gentle and kind turtle. 🙂 You know, I think when people go to the ocean to see the big turtles, they can wait for a long time for them, just because they are so special and rare to get to see… 🙂

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