Six Word Story – Triumph

On account of today being Friday , and it’s Fridays I’m in love , and also because you only have a few hours left now (until 10pm GMT Friday) to participate in Nicola’s Six Word Story Challenge here it goes


This week’s Sometimes Stellar Storyteller word for the Six Word Story Challenge is


And the first thought I had popping into my mind was the car (you may want to read Weezelle’s story on the comments there) but I didn’t give it much thought afterwards and it slept off my mind .

A few days later a new story started forming in my head with

They say Turtle has a blog

and it really is a Triumph for This Turtle that this little blog really exists after having dreamed about it for so long , and wavering between should I or should I not , can I really do it or not and other torturing hesitations on my mind .

Thanks to you that have been patiently accompanying me through this slow learning process , giving me a little push every time you comment or like what I write , showering me with your awards (ups! better not talk about those still awaiting awards … ) , and with your Follows showing me that you trust that I will go through with this blogging thing  , the hesitating  Turtle has a blog .

And this week  ( two days ago )my baby blog turned into a toddler blog with

followed-blog-200-2x (1)


Congratulations on getting 200 total follows onTheTurtleWay!
Your current tally is 204.
(And still I haven’t found out how to copy the badge with the words below it ! Had to copy and paste the words separately .
Well , maybe I should confess that in August when this adventure started I couldn’t even “copy and paste” and use the right click on the mouse , so I guess there is a little improvement , I’m just taking my time , my Turtle timing in action )
 So , Triumph it is , and if you would like to read some very good and funny stories (not lame me-me stories like mine) why don’t you go over to Nicola‘s blog and who knows maybe even try your hand at this funny writing challenge if you haven’t already done so .
Have a great weekend everyone
Turtle Hugs 🙂
note : it’s Fridays I’m in love was posted Dec.11 

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