Blogroll – Stories Around the Kitchen Table Island

Another Island is born into the Ocean of Blogs


This Turtle is not and I’m afraid she will never be a cook , or at least a good one .

I never had much interest in the kitchens and whatever happened or came out from them while growing up . My mother always had help and little children weren’t really encouraged into the kitchen .

And although my mother could cook and make some really good dishes if and when she wanted or needed to , she always made this side comments about how she wished we all could just pop in some pills like the astronauts , and be perfectly nourished without having to bother with the cooking part and the smells and the washing up and such .

Still , she made my sister and I help her almost every weekend baking a cake for Sunday afternoon tea . And to this day I still hate to whip up egg whites (we did it manually with this strange wheeled contraption and my mother wouldn’t declare them ready until we could hold the bowl upside down over our heads and not have the white fluffy thing fall on our heads – yes, loads of fun ! ) , but still , cakes are the only thing that I willingly venture into the kitchen to do , now and then , and then only the very simplest ones .

Sure , I can cook some rice and scramble some eggs , make soup (that one is easy right? just dice some veggies and throw it into the pot with some water and let it boil – what are you saying ? that is not how you do soup ? well I’ve been doing it like this for ages ) , but anything more complicated or where I have to see or touch either meat or fish is a nightmare for me , and the smell of food cooking usually makes me nauseous .

But all this doesn’t mean that I don’t eat (ah! I would be svelte then !) or that I don’t appreciate good food , it’s just the whole process that puts me off .

And maybe because television doesn’t give off smells – either good or bad – yet ,  if I walk in the living room and there’s a chef on one of those programs concocting exquisite and beautiful dishes I’ll just stand there mesmerized trying to understand what they’re doing and thinking that maybe , just maybe I could probably give it a try some day . But maybe in another life because on this one I’m kind of running out of time for all the things that I think I would like to learn how to do .

But a girl can dream . And to fuel my dreams of one day maybe being able to feed someone without poisoning them I need to … read blogs … yeah !

But not just any food blog . The ones I’m drawn to have stories around the kitchen table , and that is what I like the most about them



Celia writes from Australia , @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial  where she entices us with visions of just baked bread , bubbly hot off the oven pies and home grown roasted vegetables and lots of other goodies including home made chocolates . She introduces us to dishes from all around the world while telling us about her everyday life with her family and friends . She comes across as a very wise lady and I’m sure her friends have lots of laughs with her when they go for a coffee or a drink at the pub together .


Lynn @ Lynz Real Cooking is one of the friendliest and more supportive bloggers I have had the pleasure to meet in these last few months . The story of her life would make a best selling book or a major movie and she has been sharing bits of it with us , while showing us how she feeds nine kids good wholesome meals made from scratch , including the best middle Eastern dishes she learned to do while living over there for more than 10 years , and topping it off with some beautifully presented desserts .


Because I enjoy so much my visits with Celia and Lynn I wanted to let you know about them and that is how my Stories Around The Kitchen Table Island  was born .

I do hope you will like your visit to this island 🙂

Turtle Hugs


Note : As promised a long while ago , more islands will be popping up in my Ocean of Blogs
           (maybe I’ll need to summon a little seismic activity to speed things up , though)



27 thoughts on “Blogroll – Stories Around the Kitchen Table Island

  1. Very good writing. You might not be a special cook but you are interested enough to write. Me? You won’t find a cooking blog on my space. But I do love others to do it. Your soup recipe sounds pretty good, just throw in the beef, butter, and gravy mix. Now you have something to put meat on your bones!

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      1. And her samosa’s too. Whenever I don’t know what to make, I check out her site. And if you like chocolate, her cream cheese brownie recipe is amazing! Happy cooking turtle. P.s. that is how I make soup too 😊

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  2. I cook every single day. I’m pretty good at it. But some days, I am not into it. Those are usually the ones I end up using the slow cooker — dump in a bunch of stuff (according to a recipe, of course), turn it on low and let it cook for 6-8 hours. Then… like magic… dinner’s ready.

    Oh, and I love to bake but I try to reserve that for special occasions because I could eat desserts all day every day. 🙂

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