Is There an 8th Deadly Sin ?

The Daily Post says :

Remember the seven cardinal sins? You’re given the serious task of adding a new one to the list — another trait or behavior you find particularly unacceptable, for whatever reason. What’s sin #8 for you? Why?

First of all let me state that for me , all the “sins” are only so if you indulge too much , and not make an effort to put a little rein in .

They are all part of the human nature ,  and some of us lean more towards this one or that one  and not so much into the others – I must confess right now that I just indulged in the “laziness in finding the best and most appropriate words sin” (but I confessed , so I wonder will you be able to forgive me ?) .

It’s also my conviction that most of us try to resist them (at least a bit) , even if we were not brought up in a religious environment that gives too much weight to the idea of sin and repentance .

But , the question put today by The Daily Post was about an 8th Sin …as if seven were not already a lot of work to work through every single day of our lives .

And yet , I can surely think of an 8th one to add to the list , and it is one that I must admit I indulge into  , far too frequently  (just like in some of the others … well , some of them are quite enticing don’t you think so  ?  😉  ) and it is :

” not enjoying life right here right now as it presents itself , because we’re waiting for some imaginary future conditions when everything will be just perfect “

And you know what I’m talking about , it goes from ‘when I lose 5 pounds I’ll be able to buy that gorgeous bikini and then go to the beach with my friends’ , ‘when I find the perfect job you’ll see I’ll be a happier person’ , ‘when …’ , ‘when…’ , ‘when…’ this is a total waste of our lives and of the ones who live with us or that we encounter every day as we are not appreciating what is , always thinking about what will be .

Well , sometimes what we have right now will never come back , and we have let it slip by us , not appreciating it because we diminish it thinking about how better we will have it in the future .

So , let’s not indulge too much into this one (just a bit now and then it’s ok  I guess , because it is by aiming for better things that we learn and grow anyway ) and start appreciating what we have right now .

As I’ve found out there is always something good or that we can learn from even in the direst situation , even if you need a nano-microscope to see it .

So , dear Turtlies  sin a bit , here and there , not too much , and preferably not much on the 8th.

Turtle Hugs 🙂


note : I am terribly sorry , but my bilingual brain is totally not cooperating today , the Portuguese is fighting the English and nothing comes out right , still I wanted to post this now and not wait for “better conditions” (I’m resisting 8th , you see , kind of practicing what I preached )

16 thoughts on “Is There an 8th Deadly Sin ?

  1. Ha! I had to google what the seven sins are. Okay, the eighth one could be “Judginess”—because it shows such a lack of empathy and connection, and also comes from a place of imagined superiority.

    Now I’m off to practice gluttony and laziness again. 🙂

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  2. I don’t know if this has a catchy word like the traditional sins do. But using your power to gain personal advantage and thus causing negative consequences to others should be a cardinal sin.

    The person I’m thinking of right now is the Governor of Michigan who used his power badly and now the entire city of Flint is drinking toxic water.

    I don’t know what you would call that though. What is the catchy word of phrase?

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  3. Nano-microscope needed right over here!

    Hmm… I am quite a sinner… (and not at all religious, but a sinner, nonetheless…) I like to think the 8th deadly sin is… stupidity… because it hurts others (even if just for the sheer frustration)… and it hurts the offender, too.

    But what do I know? I’m guilty of sins every day…… 😇😈

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