Dogs Don’t Need Blogs

WordPress’s Daily Prompt today “Life After Blogs” : “your life without a computer – what does it look like ? ” prompted our friend from thedogrules to write this wonderful post.
Hope you’ll like it as much as I did 🙂

The Dog Rules

When you have a dog in your life the first thing you do every morning is take your dog outside. There is no time to make coffee. Nor do you have time to look at your computer or even grab your smartphone if your dog is in a hurry. In fact, you count yourself lucky if you can quickly step into your shoes and grab a jacket as the dog dances out ahead of you. The door swings firmly shut as you fumble in your pocket for house keys. Finding them, you feel great relief that you haven’t just locked yourself out. (For me that is way more satisfying than discovering I have my phone and no keys.) By this time your canine friend has already watered the neighbor’s garden and is waiting eagerly for you to catch up. Or, if he’s like my neighbor’s dog, he is already heading…

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