Sintra the beautiful

Last week  wanderlusteternal  took us all on a tour of Lisbon , where we enjoyed her amazing pictures and read about her experience visiting Portugal .

When I thanked wanderlust for portraying my country in such a beautiful way , she mentioned her wish to come back and have the opportunity to go to Sintra .

And I think you will understand why in a bit .

You see , Sintra is just incredibly beautiful , with its castles ,  the palaces and the gardens , the lush vegetation and a very special atmosphere .

It even boasts its own micro climate , and you can spend the morning wandering amidst the gardens shrouded in fog or in a light mist , only to find yourself enjoying a gloriously sunny day after lunch .

I must warn you though that I am surely biased on this , because that’s the place where I’ve lived from about 2 years old for 30 years or so . Still no worthy photos taken by this Turtle I’m afraid , but you all know by now how I am such a slow learner .

But for you my dear Turtlies  I have something way much better that dear darlydarly would like you to see if you just take a hop and a jump into her blog here .

I am betting you will like it – a lot – and then stay around darly’s  blog for awhile as I am sure you will find lots of other interesting reads there .

Wishing you a good “travel”  to Sintra in the company of dear darlydarly .

Turtle Hugs 🙂

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