Sharing my beautiful country through other’s eyes

Lisbon as seen by
Lisbon as seen by

I have a dream ! Well , in truth I have buckets of them .

And I am working hard towards fulfilling at least some of them , otherwise what would be the point of dreaming so much ?

Just to escape reality ? That might be good  ( and even advisable in some circumstances to keep your sanity )  , but most of my dreaming is about projects attainable through good hard honest work .

And so I dream of the day when I can go around my country all by myself , snapping interesting  pictures of all its nooks and crannies ,  and then write all about it , for your enjoyment .

But as I don’t want to keep you waiting until you grow all old ,  while I slowly come out of my shell , I would like to give you a little glimpse into what my country really looks like through the eyes of other bloggers who are doing such a great job of capturing it beautifully .

This past week this incredibly smart and young girl who has a wonderful blog at wanderlusteternal.wordpress wrote Lisbon in Summer is beautiful  , accompanying her text with some incredibly good photos where she managed to capture the coloring of the city and give us a perspective you usually don’t find in travel brochures .

I know that after you fall in love with Lisbon , you will have a hard time not going through her other posts on some of the most beautiful European cities . You will want to follow her , don’t tell me I didn’t warn you 😉

Wishing you good travels , for real or on your minds 🙂

Turtle Hugs

note : photo of Lisbon belongs to and is featured on her above mentioned post .


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