Time for some waves , my Surfer Turtlies

Surf is back

It is time for a bit of surf , now that another important Championship has started this side of the Atlantic in the beautiful small village of Ericeira only a few miles up from Lisbon .

Coincidentally today this Turtle was in need of a bit (a lot , is more like it) of energizing negative ions of fresh surf and sea . Unable to get out of the house and into the sea , she took matters into her own hands and decided to do it TheTurtleWay .

Into her good old shower she marched herself , and there she stayed until the fog was so thick she couldn’t see the walls  (I will revert to proper energy and water saving practices tomorrow 😉 ) Then she turned on the cold water full blast and imagined she was taking a dive in the good Ocean . To finish it off , she grabbed a can of pressured sterile saline ocean water and sprayed it hard a few times up her nose . (yeah , you see even my lines are ocean related 😉 )

Have you ever tried one of these ? They are sold over here at the pharmacy to help with congested noses when kids have a cold . If you spray hard it almost feels like you just dived into the ocean , and that would have to do today for me .

And then I logged on the worldsurfleague site and dived into the Ericeira World Junior Championships , to indulge in a bit of surf watching .

Wonderful waves , a small quaint semi rural place by the sea , and the most promising young surfers are here  , and here .

note : all videos and photos belong to http://www.worldsurfleague.com


Hope you will like it , and open your appetite for the great surfing opportunities Portugal offers

Turtle Hugs 🙂





19 thoughts on “Time for some waves , my Surfer Turtlies

  1. Oh my God, you are so funny! We have saline spray in the house but I’ve never used it quite like this. 🙂 But I do think the shower would be even better if the hot surf instructor joined. 🏄 🏄 one for you and one for me? Don’t tell John. 😏

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