I think I might move to Iceland

It won’t come as a surprise that I do want to move out from where I am right now .

But I do have to wait for awhile , and I’ve become quite the expert on waiting (all good things come to those who wait , or something like that ) .

In the meantime I dream , and learn , and plan , and play with ideas which is always a good way of having fun without spending any money or disturbing any feathers on susceptible monsters .

I do have a fascination with New Zealand ( could I get any farther ? ) where I could find a very similar climate to the one I’m used to – and climate is very important for this Turtle – besides beautiful beaches just like mine and last but not least English speaking people ( so I wouldn’t have to learn a new language , even if I wouldn’t mind adding another one to my repertoire ) .

But now my heart wavers , as I’ve found a closer destination , with a beautiful landscape , intricate knit techniques for me to learn and occupy myself during their very long nights (and you know how I like nights 😉 ) , and although the climate might be a “little” harsher than I would like to , I really don’t mind cold .

But what really got this wonderful place on my radar today was an article one of my daughters shared with me .

Do you know what families traditionally do on Iceland on Christmas Eve ? They do give each other books (the real old fashioned ones that you can hold , smell , and turn pages on 😉 )and then spend the night reading them .

For me , this might be one of the best ways of spending the evening waiting for Santa Claus next morning . Add some comfy and beautiful new pyjamas (or real silk loungewear if you want to go classy) , a thick hot chocolate and a crackling fire ,  and I might not even need Santa next day .

They do even have a name for this – jólabókaflóð  (link)  or “Christmas Book Flood” . You may find the article I read here  , with several links to explore more .

I’m telling you this , if I am not there by this time (well , two weeks ago that is) next year , I will introduce this new tradition in my now ever-changing Christmas Eve Traditions wherever I might be .

Books are and always were a very much appreciated and longed for Christmas Gift for me , so much so that I get a bit sad if Santa forgets them 😉

And because I treasure  books and uplifting songs and all that :



So , who wants to move to Iceland ?

Turtle Hugs 🙂


49 thoughts on “I think I might move to Iceland

  1. To combine Iceland and books, ROSA CANDIDA is the loveliest story set in Iceland. Hope it exists in English, I read it in French. Love the book tradition, and would love to visit and see the northern lights 😍 But all those endless nights… Not for me, I’m a Mediterranean !

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    1. I know , we need Our Sun 😉
      Thank you for your comment and for your book suggestion , will see if my daughter can get it to me on line , I can read either in English or French , no problem there 😉
      Turtle Hugs 🙂


  2. Like the others commenting I love the Christmas tradition. Books rock, anywhere and any time. However I’m not sure I could wrap my mind around moving to Iceland. Visiting, definitely a bucket list thing, however. Along with tons of other places. Good luck on achieving your dreams.

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  3. I have been talking about visiting Iceland for so many years now, I think my other half is sick of hearing about it! In fact, we have a frozen food chain of shops in the UK called Iceland so it has become a running joke that we will just go there and visit the frozen burgers!
    I’m unsure about moving there full time (although your other suggestion of New Zealand is a definite – would love to) but I’m determined to visit before the end of the year. In fact, hopefully by my birthday but that might be too soon (March). I’m slightly scared I’ve built it up so much that I won’t actually like it when I’m there. Then I remind myself it’s full of volcanoes and snow and the Northern Lights… It will be awesome!

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  4. I’m packing my bags. I’m bowled over by this practice! In fact, I’m SO in love with this that I think next Christmas, I will start a new tradition. Seriously. Every Christmas I gift my kids and Bonaparte with a gift card to Barnes & Noble! Ever the summer person, I still find the dark winter months perfect for curling up on the sofa, blanket thrown over me, a cup of tea and a great book! THANK YOU! Thanks for such a great post and an educational one at that!!! XOXOXO!

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  5. I love to visit Iceland. It’s always been on my list of places to see–so many wonderful tales. And you’re so right about the book-giving tradition. How can you not love a nation for that:) Here’s hoping Santa gets you there soon!

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  6. I love the book tradition! I would love to see Iceland but I don’t know if I could live there. And there is no way I’d ever get John to agree to move anywhere. I’ve talked to him about moving less than an hour from where we live now and you’d think I asked him to leave the planet! Also, young kids, etc. I don’t mind the cold, though, but after a while I might crave a bit more warmth… of all kinds… 😉

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  7. What a lovely tradition – sometimes I think the younger generations are missing out on “real” books in favour of pc and hand held devices. You cannot beat a real book, with pages to turn and smell x
    Ps I wouldn’t fancy Iceland – I hate the cold!

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