Accomplishment in Six Word Story

This week we are building our stories around accomplishment ,  which is a very fitting word for the beginning of the year when we are setting goals for the months ahead and also thinking about what we managed to accomplish the year past .

In keeping with the previous stories that were all based in my experiences , and although I could write about any of the latest accomplishments I am proud to have achieved , I had this one “story” that kept begging to be written :

When I look at you three


And you guessed right , I do have three wonderful kids .

And of course they are wonderful because they are themselves and have grown into amazing human beings , but I do like to think that I did have a small part in it .

They are thus my greatest accomplishment , and I don’t think anything I might come up with in the future , as grand as it might be (always dream big)  would be grander .

But I am a proud mother , that’s all .

If you would like to know more about this Challenge , enter your own story , and spread some likes around please visit Sometimes Stellar Storyteller where you will find not only this fun and creative writing challenge , but also short fiction and other stories by the talented Nicola Auckland .

Wishing everyone a 2016 full of good stories

Turtle Hugs  🙂


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