Six Word Story – Resolution

It is funny ( or a measure of the level of my mental state of sanity ? ) that as soon as I published a post about the way I usually approach Nicola’s prompts for her Weekly Six Word Story Challenge , and my strategy of submitting my story as early as possible in the week so it would reflect my very first and freshest thought about it , I started doing it later and later in the week .

And I almost missed it this week .

Yes I know it is still Thursday , but it’s already middle of the afternoon my time , things will start getting frantic around here in a while , tomorrow is the day after , so the day will start probably already in the middle of the afternoon 😉 , and I’m sure my attempts at story writing would probably come out a bit garbled 😉

But I caught myself in time , so this week’s story will go like this :

” Now it’ll be all about me ”

You still have time to submit yours (until Friday 01 at 10:00PM GMT) , so jump over to Nicola’s , write yours , read all the other great ones and leave a few likes .

Have a Great 2016 full of good stories

Turtle Hugs ❤

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