The Turtle hides in her shell for awile

My Dear Dear Turtlies , 

First of all a Big Thank You for reading me and a Big Welcome to all the new followers ( you are now a Turtlie – how about that ? ) .

I want to wish you all a Very Merry Season , no matter which way you choose to celebrate or abstain from celebrating this Season of Light .

I want to believe that all of us – in spite of the circumstances that we may find ourselves in , or be thrown into as might be the case , at the moment – will be able to find some Joy this Season and some Hope in the future .

I , for myself , know that this will be a very different Christmas from my Happy and Magic ones from the past , but it will surely be better than the last three ones and a glimpse into the better ones coming .

I am thus determined to not wallow in sorrows past  , and to cherish and appreciate any moment of happiness that I encounter , as fleeting as it might be . More will come , as they do if we are ready for them .

Because my next three days will not be , let’s put it this way – simple or easy – and I must be constantly on top of things and adjusting , I won’t be able to be here in The Turtleway , publishing anything . I will try to read a bit of yours here and there , and if I can get my Tablet to cooperate with me I might be able to answer some comments .

Wishing you all the best

The Turtle goes into her shell for 3 days or so (don’t worry , Otter Sister won’t let me hide for long )   😉   🙂

Turtle Hugs ❤  ❤  ❤

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