If you are Hiding in Your Shell

warning : not a Christmasy Post (this one is for “my special Turtlies”)

Ah! This affliction of mine !
(well , among the others I mean 😉 )

As I was writing “The Turtle Hides in Her Shell for awhile” Supertramp started singing in my head.

This is a totally not appropriate song if you are going all Christmasy and Joyful and Happy but as  I know that some of my Dear Turtlies are not into Christmas for one reason or other and they might be sad about it , my reasoning is that if you are feeling sad and need a good “cleansing cry it all out” you might as well do it to a beautiful song and get something out from it , right ?

And sing it out really loud , the second time around , you will feel so much better in the end 😉



A Big Big Turtle Hug ❤

note to friends : do not worry , I am not sad . Quite the contrary , and I like this song very much , regardless if I am in need of my above suggested therapy or not 🙂

All right , I really have to go now , things don’t get all done by themselves 😉 even if I have a little “Santa Helper” 🙂

4 thoughts on “If you are Hiding in Your Shell

  1. I once went on a “cleansing cry it all out” session when I binged on videos of little kids in singing competitions. It was bad lol. My eyes were so puffy…

    I hope you get a good cry in…it really is cleansing.

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    1. All my Turtlies are special 🙂
      This special post and this special song is from me with love to those “specials” from ALL the specials who can relate to it right now 😉
      Enjoy Your Christmas with your family and Turtle Hugs ❤


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