Six Word Story – Joyous

Sometimes Stellar Storyteller – Six Word Story Weekly Challenge

And this week we have Joyous , to inspire us to write our best story ever .

Nicola is giving a special prize to the most liked entry this week , being it Christmas and all .

So , just go quick ( challenge closes Midnight GMT Friday ) to Nicola’s Comments and write your story there , take a look around to see the other’s entries , and “like”  the ones that most appeal to you .

My story this week goes like this :

Lights twinkling , music playing , gift wrapping

As one of my most Joyous memories of Christmases past , I have all the Dec.23rd nights I would sit on my living room floor , door closed , my favourite Christmas songs playing softly , lights twinkling on the tree , some candles lit .

Behind me on the sofa or on bags around me , the gifts , and scattered around on the floor the most beautiful wrapping paper and ribbons I could get my hands on . Right by my side my endless lists , pens , gift tags , cards , tape and scissors .

With one hear tuned to the music and the other on high alert for any sound coming from the children’s rooms , I would carefully wrap everything , write a special message on each gift tag and play with the ribbons to make the bows just so .

This would take a good chunk of my sleeping time because I would only start it when I could be absolutely sure that everyone was deep asleep . I would generally only get it under way  after midnight and be at it for a couple hours , but I had such a joyous time thinking about the pleasure each of the recipient would get when opening their carefully chosen and wrapped present , that this became one of my most cherished Christmas rituals .

Add to that my preference for nights , the peaceful alone time to get in the flow of the wrapping and writing , and the thrill of being the closest I could get to the deadline all contributed to a very merry and joyous feeling .

The stress I would feel the following day trying to figure what which of the bags must be hidden from curious eyes until Christmas morning , and which ones would have to go also in hiding into the trunk of the car , and not mix these between the ones for house A with house B (as we had Christmas dinner at two different houses the same night , with a one-hour drive between them and with three kids in tow – master of juggling this Turtle ) would aid in keeping  me awake and serve as my caffeine jolt perfectly .

Wishing you all a Joyous Season

Turtle Hugs ❤

5 thoughts on “Six Word Story – Joyous

  1. I have just say this evening and done the same. We have a tradition to always write cryptic clues on each gift for the receiver to guess before opening. Takes more time than the wrapping thinking them up! Great story 🙂

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