A special nativity scene for you

And an invitation to visit another great blog I love to follow .

Last week on Friday I gave you The Cure , and Haylee and this weekend I am giving you another talented English lady who has come to love my country so much that she chose to live here part of the year .

Becky B. writes at Hidden Delights of the Algarve  where she shares with us what has made her fall in love with the southern part of Portugal .

If you have ever heard about Portugal or the Algarve you will probably associate it with beautiful sunny beaches and lots of tourists .

But in reality it has so much more to offer and Becky , who very wisely lives here in the off-season ( no masses of tourists then , and still mostly good weather ) , makes a very good job of highlighting the best the region has to offer .

It always amazes me how the non-Portuguese are the best ambassadors of our country , and so I am keen on learning how to see its beauties and qualities through their eyes .

Becky takes not only amazing high-quality pictures of the native birds and nature of this wildlife sanctuary called Ria Formosa , near her home , but also of the small towns and villages she likes to wander through and discover for us .

But being it almost Christmas , we have no birds on her latest post but something special as in a  “Presépio Gigante”  (Presépio = nativity scene) .

Please check it out here

I do hope you enjoy your visit there and that you will become a fan of  hers , and who knows maybe one day you will come and see for yourself what made Becky fall in love with in this very small but very beautiful country .

Turtle Hugs 🙂

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