The Turtle wavers between paintings and sculptures -part one

The Artist’s Eye

Is there a painting or sculpture you’re drawn to? What does it say to you? Describe the experience. (Or, if art doesn’t speak to you, tell us why.)

Painting or sculpture ?

Part One : painting

There is this painting in my parent’s dining room that has been there forever (as seen through my eyes) , having been before that in my father’s parents’ house “forever” ( in my father’s perspective) .

I have glanced at it almost everyday for 23 years of my life , during dinners and sometimes lunch and even breakfast . It did keep me good company and a good place to divert my eyes to whilst my parents talked between themselves about their day and their jobs , and politics , and family and music and what not .

My sister and I , when we finally did graduate to having dinner at the same time as the grown-ups , were encouraged to pay attention to their conversations , but not supposed to intervene unless invited to , and much less to talk between ourselves and disturb mom and daddy.

So , food never having been one of my interests , I let my eyes wander to that picture , which (ah! don’t tell me you didn’t see this coming …) depicted the sea . A beautifully agitated and stormy sea scene , full of barely contained energy , where the waves seem to want to leap out of the canvas and spray your face if you come close enough to it .

This is a medium sized picture , maybe 40 inches or so wide , very much in the style of the English romanticist painter J.M.W.Turner (1775-1851) and there were other probably even more beautiful paintings in the room , but it was this one that like magic always pulled my eyes and mind into .

After years and years of staring into it ( and you may want to take into consideration that I am a bit near-sighted  , but then you’ll see I must come from a long line of them , or just out of this world distracted people ) , and it being in my family for ages , guess what .

One day looking a bit closer I discovered that there is actually a boat painted in there , barely noticeable between the strokes depicting the deep grays of the underside of the biggest wave and the whitish surf lifted by the crashing of the wave in the forefront.

Thus this became a family anecdote , and “my painting” started being referred to by the name of “Turtle’s ghost boat ” .

Has this beautiful composition so strongly imprinted itself in my brain , that one day if I ever come to learn how to paint ,  be able to put into canvas the beautiful energy of the sea that I so love , fear , and respect ?

I do hope so , because sculpting would be so much harder (no pun intended) to achieve .

to be continued in part two – sculptures

Turtle Hugs


Come and talk to me , will you ?

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