Daddy this one is for you , and for you Mr Sinatra too

Here was the Turtle labouring away on a post that started like this :

It has come to my attention that although I did put some music here and there in some of my posts , it’s been a long time since I have made a “music” post.

It has also come to my attention that some of you are already – hang on , you still have 12 more days ahead of you – getting a bit tired of all the Christmas songs blaring from the speakers on shopping malls , supermarkets , and even on the streets.
note 1 : I do like Christmas Songs , a lot actually , but not constantly .

And it has also come to my attention  – yes I have been paying attention to the world surrounding me , which is not always the case 😉  – that today we are celebrating  what would have been  Mr. Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday .

I can’t imagine how it is going over there in the USA , but here we have all the major newspapers and television stations doing specials on one of the most loved singers of all times .
A few minutes ago I was calling my father and he was just saying that he was listening to this radio station “Smooth FM ” as they are doing a full 24-hours special on Mr. Sinatra .
note 2 : I do like to listen to Mr. Frank Sinatra singing , I was brought up listening to him .

So here I was , preparing to get back to my music subject and to share with you something a little different than the mentioned above.

Best plans or intentions or whatever is the saying – I can’t recall it now , a little help from my English teachers would be welcome here – went flying away because my dear husband ( today he is dear husband , tomorrow will probably revert to the One , as we never know which way the wind is blowing around here , it keeps life interesting ) decided to put Smooth FM playing during dinner .

I’m telling you , after 20 years of growing up with Frank’s company , listening to him again today in a very well chosen selection wiped away all my best intentions of distracting you with something else.

You see , my father not only listened to Mr. Frank Sinatra frequently , he also collected his records , and sang along in some very very good (well , I am the daughter what would I say ?) renditions of his own , that are taped somewhere.

So probably tomorrow I will get back to you with something else.

But today it is Mr. Frank Sinatra’s day .

So , for Daddy who sang this song particularly well , and also for dear husband (today) because “every since that night , we’ve been together , lovers at first sight , in love forever”



But because “call me irresponsible , call me unreliable , throw in undependable too ..


… call me unpredictable , tell me I’m impractical

Rainbows I’m inclined to pursue
call me irresponsible , yes I’m unreliable
But it’s undeniably true
I’m irresponsibly mad for you …


My Way , by my boy Robbie , well what were you expecting ?

This is The Turtle Way after all 🙂

Turtle Hugs and enjoy your weekend , preferably in the company of music


16 thoughts on “Daddy this one is for you , and for you Mr Sinatra too

    1. I makes me so happy that you enjoyed them . We tend to forget about them , and then we go “ah! I liked this so much” and they are just a click away nowadays , if we only remembered …Turtle Hugs ❤

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  1. The classic crooners! I love a bit of swing music and obviously Mr. Sinatra is up there with the best, although my grandparents were bigger fans of Dean Martin. One of my favourite songs by Frank is ‘Lady is a tamp’.

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  2. Sinatra was a great singer. I do miss it. And it’s refreshing to see these songs again. In terms of your inquiry about the phrase, I’m not really sure if there’s anything in particular, other than ‘best laid plans’ perhaps…?

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