Depression does NOT mean that You Don’t Love Your Kids

The Turtle Says : I’m still not very comfortable in reblogging other fellow bloggers posts , because I feel that we may be somehow “stealing” their work . Yes , I know there is an ethical way to do it and yes I know it serves the purpose of exposing a perfect blog post to a wider audience , and introducing a blogger to viewers who might never know of that blogger’s existence . It is also a way of saying to the author I am amazed by what you did write today . 

And when I came across this today , I had to reblog it immediately as it is such a beautiful and well written piece about our love for our children , always and above all else , no matter what turmoil is going through our brains or our bodies .

With love :

LolaBipola reblogged and commented on “Depression does Not mean that you don’t love your kids” and commented : ( Perfectly put. As always, an awesome read! Thanks Capers for putting down the words I struggle to articulate, even in my own brain sometimes! ) . And I Thank You Both ! (my Kleenex box doesn’t though ) 😉

Bipolar First Bipolar Together



We Bipolar moms have a special problem

We feel gagged

like we can’t say it

we can’t say how we really feel

because the judgement we face is excruciating

there is NOTHING like being told that

you don’t love your kids


Am I right?




Especially for those of us who are literally moving heaven and earth to give our kids everything they need from us…physically and mentally and emotionally


Especially when we know we would take bullets…jump in front of buses


beg for MORE Bipolar if it would spare our kids from having it


When everything we do, think and feel has them behind it

Every decision



When your love for your kids is so strong that…

it scares you



There is another human being that you love more than your own life

and that has enormous…

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