Uh oh! The Turtle might be in trouble


Just found out that crazy Turtle had enrolled ( and yes , that might be a perfect word as the girl has this tendency to “roll” herself into trouble ) for this month’s Blogging 201 – Branding and Growth , starting today.

But not only that , apparently she will also be doing Blogging 101 -Commenting Bootcamp  Dec.14 – 18 .

Great timing , right ? Because … like  … this is that time of the year where days languish forever with hours to spare and nothing to do , no stress at all , like we’re all in Jamaica , enjoying our reggae and sipping our rum laced drinks . Totally Not !

This coming from the same girl that gets all stressed out if she can’t complete her “assignments” , so much so that she freezes and has yet to complete – what was that ? two ? no , three  Blogging University Courses so far .

Just Great ! It looks I will be needed around here a lot more , but I already contribute with my beautiful picture , that should be enough work for me right ? Nah , nah , nah …this doesn’t look good .

Well if I do have to step in , let’s see if I can have a word with Santa …a new Tablet would be just the thing , I could be rolling in waves on my back while blogging … it would have to be an early Christmas Gift though , so I could start right away .  

Turtle is sneezing , coughing , blowing her nose like there’s no tomorrow … so I sent her for a nap and took the opportunity just to say Hello and kind of put you in the picture .

She’ll be back later I believe ( yeah , most surely around 2 or 3 in the morning when she should be sleeping instead . That’s how you take care of a cold , at least in my book of home remedies it is , sleep it away right ? or is it drink it away ? well anyways one leads to another )

Bye Bye now and (what ?) Otter Schmoozes ???   😉


24 thoughts on “Uh oh! The Turtle might be in trouble

  1. Come on, girl! Make yourself a hot lemon and honey, blow your nose, and get on with it! And remember, there are no grades awarded or prizes to be won. Just fun to be had, new friends to be made and, who knows, maybe a couple of new things to be learned. Good luck!

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    1. I like your theme . Decided to keep holding on the mine for awhile longer till I have a better feel for which direction my blog is heading (and I have stressed too much already on the previous 101 experimenting with themes 😉 )
      Good luck 🙂

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      1. I’ve been trying…and I am sure that my hair is graying at an accelerated rate, thanks to the theme-hunting business. If you like my current theme, I’ll stay with it for a while.

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  2. Oh, relax and enjoy. Show up as often and as engaged as you can, and know that you can always catch up, do over, and binge participate as needed. One nice thing about WordPress is that there are always do-overs, and the WordPress community is sweetly loyal. And most important you must have fun and enjoy .

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