Eye Spy a Sea Seal

This week’s Photo Challenge on the Daily Post called for

Eye Spy

We’ve got our eye on your photos this week


Lazy Turtle that I am , means that I am still not taking any photos , or learning how to take them , or finding a camera or a phone to start taking them  ( no phone , no camera , well I could try with my oldish tablet maybe )

But still , even if this is not a photo taken by me , I would like to share it , as I just came across it today


Hawaiian monk seal and green sea turtle sleeping on the beach
A Hawaiian monk seal and green sea turtle share a bit of warm sand on a sunny Hawaiian beach. NOAA HMSRP, NMFS permit #10137-07


Can you feel the warmth of the Sun on our backs ?

That one over there on the left trying very hard to keep her eyes open is me  The Turtle

I am keeping watch over dear Otter sister , she had such a playful morning on those turquoise waters , that she just fell asleep on the warm sand .

I do hope her soft snoring – please don’t tell her , she is convinced she is a Lady and that ladies don’t breath deeply through their upturned noses while sleeping – well , her breathing  “softly” will keep me awake .

And so I watch , which is actually one of the things I really like to do  (it wastes no energy you see , and you can even do it laying down , catching some sun on your back , and getting “freckles” all over my carapace .

I am watching the seagulls – oh please don’t shriek my sister is taking a nap , can’t you see ? she is not that small – the little kids in the distance playing with their buckets , that little rubber boat coming ashore , and that young couple holding hands coming our way ( I hope they don’t spot us or the girl surely will go ooh and ahh over us and I so want to take a picture and they’re so cute and that will surely make my sister wake up with a rrraaaaffff …and all cuteness will disappear in a second)

Oh good ! The ice cream man showed up and is heading to the other side of the beach , everyone will start following him in a minute …ah ! bliss! the sun is so warm , I will momentarily close just one eye , the other one can keep watch .

Turtle Hugs 🙂

Note : the photo above is from the www.marinemammal.org  and is a NOAA – credited photo  (All NOAA-credited photos are in the public domain, and there is no fee for using NOAA photos found on this site, but credit must be given to NOAA.

If you liked the photo and are interested in knowing more about these and other sea creatures , or about our oceans you may want to visit



15 thoughts on “Eye Spy a Sea Seal

    1. Ah! I’m glad I did.
      And funny , how things happen. I’m reading my notifications backwards , and just commented on yours to “If I told..” and told You that you had just made my day . Thanks to both of us then 🙂 🙂 🙂


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